Come Back Daily’s CBD Flower

If you are a fan of Come Back Daily’s own products; such as our coffee mugs or 25mg transdermal CBD patches we have some great news. We just launched our […]

Navy Declares CBD Acceptable, With Conditions

The Navy has issued a new set of marijuana use guidelines: only the topical use of cannabidiol or CBD, such as in lotions, shampoos, conditioners or soaps is permitted. There […]

CBD Research: What Science Knows About CBD

As CBD oil becomes an increasingly popular supplement in the wellness industry, research continues to look for the scientific evidence behind CBD. But what does the research actually say about […]

The 7 Amazing Benefits of Sativa Flower

At the risk of stepping too far off from our original goal with this article, we’ll first have to understand why the specification between Sativa and Indica benefits exists at […]

Feds Spend More Fighting Marijuana Than Do…

A new report has revealed that American police spent more money searching for and destroying cannabis plants than it did fighting domestic terrorism. Despite Donald Trump offering federal officers ‘whatever […]