The Most-Read Arizona Marijuana Stories of 2020

It was a big year for pot in Arizona. The biggest year, even: As of last month, recreational marijuana is legal in the state. What could be bigger than that?

It’ll be a little while until you can buy weed in the state without a medical card — it’s looking like early April right now, though it could be sooner — but in the meantime, here are our 10 most popular pot stories of 2020.

How to Get an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card in Four Easy Steps
We’re cheating a bit with this old chestnut, a perennial piece of service journalism we’ve been republishing since 2013. Hey: People keep reading it. We did augment our medical marijuana card coverage this year with a corollary piece, “How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Without Any Qualifying Conditions,” that illuminated just how easy it is to acquire a card.

Can You Be Fired for Using Medical Marijuana Outside of Work in Arizona? It’s Complicated
This January article told the story of a 42-year-old emergency room nurse’s struggle to get an answer as to whether he would face repercussions from his employer, Valleywise Health, for testing positive for cannabis, even if he had an Arizona medical marijuana card. After the piece ran, the nurse filed a lawsuit against Valleywise, seeking a judgment in court that the company’s policy was unconstitutional, discriminatory, and in violation of state medical marijuana law.


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