Vireo Health Launches Midnight Cannabis Brand

MINNEAPOLIS – Vireo Health International, Inc. (“Vireo” or the “Company”) (CNSX: VREO, OTCQX: VREOF), the science-focused, multi-state cannabis company with active operations in exclusively medical-only markets and licenses in seven states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, today announced the launch of a new cannabis-based brand, called Midnight.

The Midnight brand launched at Vireo’s four medical dispensaries in New York and is also available via wholesale channels to other licensed dispensaries in New York.


Midnight products are ideally formulated with a balanced blend of multiple cannabinoids including THC, CBD, and CBN. Later this year, Midnight will also be made available as a vaporizer product and the Company expects to expand the Midnight brand with additional product formats and new formulations in 2021. The product line is also expected to be made available in several of Vireo’s other markets later in 2021. All of these events are subject to regulatory approval.

“Vireo’s physician-led research teams continue to create innovative products that reflect targeted needs of cannabis consumers,” said Chief Executive Officer Kyle Kingsley, M.D. “The Midnight product line highlights CBN, a novel cannabinoid with low psychoactivity and evidence supporting its potential role in the calming effects of specific cannabis plants. Midnight products likely have significant market potential across the country.”

CBN was one of the first identified cannabinoids in 1896, and preliminary research indicates it may have beneficial properties as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and appetite stimulant, as well as for sedation.

About Vireo Health International, Inc.
Vireo Health International, Inc. (“Vireo” or the “Company”) is a physician-led cannabis company focused on bringing the best of technology, science, and engineering to the cannabis industry. Vireo manufactures proprietary, branded cannabis products in environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art greenhouses and distributes its products through its growing network of Green GoodsTM retail dispensaries and through hundreds of third-party dispensaries in seven states. Vireo’s team of more than 400 employees, led by scientists, engineers, and cultivation experts, is focused on efficiency and the creation of best-in-class products, while driving scientific innovation within the cannabis industry and developing meaningful intellectual property. Today, Vireo is licensed to grow and/or process cannabis in eight markets. The Company is operational in seven of those eight markets – including the core markets of Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, and New York. The Company holds 32 total retail dispensary licenses, of which 13 are currently open for business. For more information about Vireo, please visit

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