Skin Regimen for the Winter

Having the right skin regimen for the winter can be the difference between keeping that glowing summer complexion and battling rough, dry skin. You need more than a skin care routine for dry skin, though. You need a plan of action to combat the harsh conditions of the season.

Your face demands protection and nourishment during the coldest months of the year. Fortunately, with a few simple adjustments to your regular skin regimen, you can maintain the perfect glow.

Turn On the Humidifier:

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it’s only natural to turn on your heater. But as you’re sleeping through the night, your face is getting a constant gust of wind. Eventually, that airflow can dry out your skin, leaving it brittle and flaky.

The best skin care routine for dry skin starts before you ever touch your face. It looks for ways to counteract the climate’s conditions. And one of the best ways to do that is with an air humidifier. Research shows these little machines can do wonders for skin hydration. Talk about a simple moisturizer! You don’t even have to apply anything to your face.

Just turn on your humidifier every night before bed to combat the dry air in your home. You can actually keep this going all year long. Fans and air conditioners can be just as drying to the skin!

Take Shorter Showers:

During those cold winter nights, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of warm water. It can be tempting during these times to soak up the heat for as long as possible. While it may provide a relaxing way to warm your insides and relax the body and mind, it’s also drying out your skin.

Long, hot showers break down the protective layers on your skin. They strip you of natural oils and leave your largest organ thirsty for moisture. It might seem counterintuitive that water could dehydrate. And while water is generally a great source of moisture, it’s also one of the best agents for breaking down chemical bonds. Think of the Grand Canyon and how water eroded the twists and turns in the canyon.

H2O is a powerful agent! Add heat, and it works even better at breaking down those bonds.

Ever feel itchy after a shower? It’s likely because you dried out your skin. Fortunately, a simple moisturizer and the right skin care routine for dry skin should help.

Simple Moisturizer and Natural Beauty ProductsSimple Moisturizer and Natural Beauty Products

Your Natural Skin Regimen Arsenal:

While natural doesn’t always mean better when it comes to your skin care, the fewer pollutants, the better. Especially during the winter months when the cold weather is prone to breaking down your skin. Take care of the sensitive surface with the right type of products, and you’ll walk through winter with dewy skin people can’t help but stare at.

The start of any good beauty routine is what you use to wash your face. If you haven’t tried a CBD soap, this winter is the time! Research shows CBD helps to regulate sebum production. This oil-like substance is imperative to keeping your skin dewy and fresh. Too much, though, and you’ll breakout. That’s why you need a soap that can regulate sebum production, ensuring optimum moisturization without a face full of pimples.

Once you’ve selected the best natural soap for your face this winter, you’ll need an astringent. The type you need depends on your skin type and sensitivities. If you have combination skin, try spritzing your face with an orange blossom hydrosol. It can help clean the skin while providing a protective layer of moisture.

As with any skin care routine for dry skin, you’ll need a moisturizing agent. It doesn’t matter how fancy the rest of your regimen is if you skip out on even a simple moisturizer. The best tool for hydrating skin in the winter can help heal and moisturize, like an ozonated oil. These oils have added O3, providing deep healing to the skin, while balancing moisture levels.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can leave the sunscreen out of your skin regimen! While clouds may keep the warmth of the sun from gracing your face, they don’t keep out the UV rays. So, when you’re out in the gloomy days of winter, the sun is still working to wreak havoc on your skin.

Avoid the damage, and make sure sunscreen is a part of your winter skin care routine for dry skin.

While the sun is out, you don’t need as much protection as you did during the summer. Try a simple moisturizer with SPF 15 if you want to simplify your routine.

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