New York Will Legalize Marijuana By April And Regulate CBD-Infused Drinks, Governor’s Advisor Says

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Follow the money to big pharma… Who honestly, are so devoid of creativity, they can’t see their obvious massive head start with Cannabis becoming legal. Instead they treat it like a 4 year old grabbing all the blocks for himself. They have scientists, equipment, supplies and a whole infrastructure already in place. How hard would it be to put out Cannabis products that is far superior to Dave down the street? They are so used to massive cash coming in they can’t bare to see a level market…. Which they would dominate. Unbelievable. You would think with all the people they have put at risk and killed with their products they would be all over a product that is non toxic and effective. Think about how amazing a big pharma pre rolled would be. Every point in the process meticulously tested and improved going through tests for purity, potency and effects. I don’t know, I just see them missing a huge opportunity. All the money they have pumped into keeping weed evil could have gone into their first 50 products.

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