Heroic Hearts Project and Field Trip Health Ltd. enter into a strategic relationship to increase legal psychedelic therapy access for military veterans in North America

Ryan Allway

October 19th, 2020


Heroic Hearts Project (“HHP”), an international nonprofit organization that connects military veterans struggling with mental trauma to psychedelic therapies, and Field Trip Health Ltd. (CSE: FTRP) (“Field Trip”), the global leader in the development and delivery of technology-enabled psychedelic therapies, today announced entry into a strategic relationship to increase access to, and awareness of, psychedelic therapies for veterans suffering from mental health disorders such as PTSD.

Under the terms of the relationship, and in accordance with the foundation’s mission, HHP will be conducting active outreach and education programs for military veterans about the therapeutic potential of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (“KAP”). Field Trip, which through its Basecamp division, has developed a unique “KAP+” trauma-focused treatment pathway tailored to veterans and frontline workers, will assist military veterans in applying for insurance and reimbursement options to make the treatment available at little to no cost through its Field Trip Health hubs.

As the acceptance of psychedelics spreads, the role of independent organizations like Heroic Hearts Project will be increasingly important to ensure the responsible progression of these treatment options for the veteran as well as other communities. Beyond the relationship with Field Trip, HHP primarily works to spread awareness in the veteran community of plant-based psychedelic treatments, such as ayahuasca and psilocybin, for mental health conditions and end the excessive dependence on pharmaceutical medications to treat mental traumas.

“Not all veterans are able to participate in traditional psychedelic ceremonies due to either medical or logistical constraints,” said Jesse Gould, HHP’s founder. “Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy offers a potentially effective solution for veterans who can’t travel to remote retreat locations or have contraindications that prevent them from immediately working with other psychedelic options. We applaud Field Trip for demonstrating responsible leadership in the psychedelic field by working with HHP to ensure that veterans receive quality psychedelic care and attention. We are excited to be working with Field Trip and its Basecamp program to increase veteran access to world class psychedelic facilities across North America.”

The strategic relationship will start with a focus on helping Canadian veterans access to KAP+ in Field Trip’s Toronto clinic, as veterans in Canada are able to go through the full treatment protocol at little to no cost with their insurance coverage.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Jesse and HHP,” said Adam Wright, Director of Field Trip Basecamp. “There is a subset of veterans who have been failed by conventional mental health solutions and HHP helps guide them through alternative treatments in the safest and most conscientious way possible. With KAP+, Field Trip offers a domestic, legal and evidence-based therapy channel for HHP.”

Ronan Levy, Executive Chairman of Field Trip, added, “It’s estimated that there are more than half a million veterans in North America that have or are experiencing PTSD and other mental health conditions from their service to their countries. New, effective and accessible treatment options, such as our KAP+ treatments, are absolutely essential to showing these members of our communities the respect they deserve, and giving them the support they need. And that’s why we are so excited and honoured to be partnering with HHP in this pursuit.”

About Heroic Hearts Project
The Heroic Hearts Project is an international non-profit, charitable organization that connects veterans with psychedelic treatment options for mental health traumas, including PTSD. Working with retreat centers around the world, Heroic Hearts Project has been helping veterans overcome obstacles to success. A proud partner of the veterans’ community, the organization has also provided more than $250,000 in financial scholarships to veterans who are struggling financially. HHP has branches across the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Canada www.heroicheartsproject.org.

About Field Trip Health Ltd.
Field Trip is the global leader in the development and delivery of psychedelic therapies. With Field Trip Discovery leading the development of the next generation of psychedelic molecules and conducting advanced research on plant-based psychedelics, Field Trip Health hubs for psychedelic therapies opening across North America, and Field Trip Digital building the digital and technological tools to support psychedelic experiences and consciousness expansion, we help people, from those in treatment to those seeking accelerated personal growth, with a simple, evidence-based way to heal and heighten engagement with the world. Field Trip’s common shares are listed for trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “FTRP”.

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