How To Find Legit CBD Cream Near Me

The recent trend of using CBD in health-related products has been fueled by increasing interest and curiosity about its medicinal value as a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients and chemicals. As a result, the retail market has become inundated with a wide range of topical products containing cannabidiol, all claiming to benefit skin health and facilitate pain management.

This progressively expanding commercial industry is mainly unregulated and there are no universally recognized or enforced guidelines on what constitutes legitimate, high-quality products. The incentive to capitalize on this emerging market has heightened competition. As demand for CBD-based products climbs, the number of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers has subsequently multiplied to supply it.

Consumer’s Dilemma

For consumers, this abundance of supply and the unknown methods and standards of quality control can understandably cause considerable uncertainty regarding the legitimacy of retailers and their products. A basic keyword search such as CBD cream near me can bring up relevant results on local markets that specialize in natural health and organic goods, or pharmacies that sell CBD products. You may also come across websites with resourceful information that can guide you in your search. But be cautious of overly promotional content from possibly dubious sources. You’ll likely encounter a lot of buzzwords such as ‘organic’ and ‘bioavailability’ that can be helpful to get familiarized with.

It’s helpful to know how to differentiate between products that qualify as high-standard and safe to use and those that are substandard or inferior. Also, there are ways to recognize a trustworthy source as opposed to a potential scam.

How To Define A Legitimate CBD Product

The legitimacy of a CBD cream or any related product is largely based on interpretation and definition. The widespread hype around CBD has surpassed the scientific research and conclusive evidence that’s needed to back theories on how it benefits human health and how effective it can be when used for certain purposes.

For instance, searching for a CBD cream for pain online will bring up many results on creams and ointments that are promoted and marketed as premium products that may help alleviate pain. Take note, however, that the actual efficacy of products may vary depending on the customer’s experience and preconceived expectations. It’s also contingent on the quality of the product used and its ingredient profile.

Find Legitimate CBD Cream Near You

Here are key factors to determine the authenticity of CBD creams:

  1. Consider Health Standards And Safety

The World Health Organization has acknowledged pure CBD as a seemingly benign chemical compound for human use, so there’s a fairly low risk of harming your health, even with minor side effects. This is assuming that the topical cream contains uncontaminated CBD oil in an amount proportional to the product and there aren’t any toxic chemicals hiding within.

By most federal standards, CBD products must contain less than .03% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient that’s separated from CBD in the manufacturing process.

  1. See If They Practice Manufacturer Transparency

A discouragingly large quantity of CBD topical creams available in stores or online may be labeled falsely or inaccurately, which can mislead customers about an inferior or synthetic product. Thus, it’s a good indication of the manufacturer provides full details on the ingredients used, how they were sourced, and the extraction process used for the product in question.

Consumers should be curious and question the source of the primary ingredient, just as retailers should be able and willing to disclose all relevant information about their sources.

  1. Check The Purity Of Their Ingredients

Check the complete list of ingredients that should be provided on the label, and see if it includes pure CBD oil as the chief component. Cheaper brands sometimes produce inferior products by using hemp extract or hemp-seed oil, which is a less expensive and subpar alternative that contains trace amounts of CBD; this isn’t considered pure or legitimate.

It’s helpful to know what vernacular standards to look for in CBD topicals, and what they signify:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: the least processed version, with all naturally occurring compounds in place, including THC, but this should be no more than .03%.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: retains all compounds except for THC.
  • CBD isolate: the purest form. This is processed by isolating CBD from all other compounds.
  1. Brand Reputation And Recognition

Doing research and educating yourself using various resources should help you find websites and retailers that have established strong market presence and brand awareness, distinguishing them from less reputable ones. Product reviews on company websites may provide consumer insights on how their products rank based on actual experiences.

A reputable brand will give some indication that its ingredients are pure and its products have undergone third-party testing–tested by an outsourced laboratory that has no affiliation or financial stake with the company. This is called a certificate of analysis (COA), which can be verified by scanning with a smartphone or found displayed on a retailer’s website.

  1. Valid Sources

While just about any entity or individual can market products and then claim themselves legitimate, some marketplaces are more much reliable in comparison to others. Since CBD is naturally derived from hemp plants, it’s important for the seller to have adequate or extensive knowledge of the source and the details on how their CBD creams were produced.

Health food shops and pharmacies that distribute higher-end, organic, and sustainably sourced products are usually a safe bet to buy your CBD cream. On the other hand, if you’re shopping online, check the website for organization and relevancy of information regarding CBD creams and other merchandise. This helps you determine the retailer’s professionalism, integrity, and authenticity.


With inconclusive scientific research and quality control that’s loosely regulated, it’s advisable to be conscientious about where and who you buy any kind of CBD products from. Careful and thorough due diligence can help you find the best CBD creams available and avoid ones that may be unsafe or illegitimate by informal standards.

Trust your gut consumer instincts, but also conduct some research on companies, retailers, and websites that sell or advertise CBD creams. This may reveal the ones who have earned customer approval and consistently positive reviews. Since there’s no limitation or regulation on how companies advertise their CBD products through any outlet, use some independent discretion about what you read and learn about.

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