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After CBD got legalized in Texas, we developed our business in 2019 with the hope of curing you of your pain and inflammatory problems. We have a careful selection of various tinctures in our CBD shop that guarantees to kiss your inflammation goodbye! Our CBD oils are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties that can help you with your pain.

Various studies have established a significant link between pain-related problems (like arthritis) and CBD. Our vegan and gluten-free certified oils are the outcome of such findings. We make sure that you can purchase all our products from our shop or buy CBD online.

We at Review 2.0 believe in setting a standard that stands erect with success in the consumer market. From 2019, we have taken the liberty to improve the country’s health factor by supplying them with top-class CBD products. We are trained and assured to sell only top tier quality and nothing less.

Findings tell us that every year more than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain. This ailment not only impairs your mobility but also hinders your independence. Along with physiological problems, chronic pain can have a severe impact on the patient’s mental health. It can give rise to issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


As such, problems keep existing, an effort to find the most effective drugs and precautionary measures also do the rounds. With careful observations and experimentations, cannabidiols proved to be a miraculous solution to treat such illnesses mentioned above. It possesses therapeutic properties that can cure you of ailments like insomnia, inflammation, pain-related problems, and even depression.

CBD-oriented Products for Your Optimal Functioning

Since the CBD fitness benefits have been a winner, our company, called Revive 2.0, has tailored our mission to fit this element. After the legalization of CBD in Texas, we were motivated to help people live their lives to full potential by curing their ailments related to pain and depression.

Using the recent and cutting edge technological advancements, we filled our stacks with the most effective CBD oils, full-spectrum CBD gummies, pain creams, and more. We dare you to try them!

Revive 2.0 is a native Texan business that deals with the most useful and productive CBD-filled products. We have been in effect since 2019. As soon as the law passed the legalization of cannabidiol, we took the chance to drive our CBD shop towards success.

We take pride in our beneficial and valuable store stuffed with CBD goodies that have produced some of the best results in treating pain, depression, insomnia, and increasing your overall functioning. All the products that we sell, from CBD patches to sunblocks, are infused with CBD thoroughly.

One of our most famous products that have withstood a lot of demand is our full-spectrum CBD gummies. They make for a delicious, flavorsome favorite to more significant snack that is ideal for popping after a hard day of work or extensive exercising. Due to it being vegan-based, it attracts every individual to try it out without any hesitation.

We Support Vegan-Based Products

We also are popular for selling Skincare products in Revive 2.0, which are vegan based. We believe it is better for sensitive skin tones that hydrate the skin. We also do not support cruelty against animals. This strategy helps us in attracting bigger demography.

So hurry and support in our venture!

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Revive 2.0
Address: 21059 S. Hwy 148, Henrietta, TX 76365, USA
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