Morning sickness and marijuana

Nonono. During these 9 months not only what you eat and drink, but also what you do and think is molding your baby. My mom ate so much sugar during her pregnancy that I was born addicted to it, I have to avoid it at all costs because once I taste sweet I go into a frenzy.

Eat healthy, drink ONLY water, listen to relaxing music and meditate. Its only 9 months, your little person will thank you in some years. And I assure you, you will notice the difference to other kids. The sister of a close friend of mine did this and her baby started walking and speaking before being 14 months old, he is almost 2 years now and he looks like he is 6. Its actually mind blowing. And he is very energetic and active yet calm and meditative.

Hope you have a peaceful and healthy pregnancy and an easy and quick labour.

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