You Tube Videos Allege Dr. Leslie Apgar Owner of Dispensary “GreenHouse Wellness” Racist Attitudes & Exploitation Of Teen Girls

Bruce Wheatley a qualified nurse in Maryland has gone public on You Tube with 2 videos with a number of specific allegations about Dr Leslie Apgar the owner of dispensary “GreenHouse Wellness” a business brought into the sphere of troubled cannabis outfit i Anthus in Q.2 2019.
The following release was sent out by iAnthus April 4 2019 announcing a licensing agreement for the sale of “Blissiva medical cannabis products specifically formulated for women”

Press Release

iAnthus Announces Licensing Agreement with Women-Focused Infused Products Brand, Blissiva

iAnthus intends to initially launch the Blissiva Balance Pen in Health for Life dispensaries in Baltimore, Bethesda and White Marsh, Maryland, as well as the Greenhouse Wellness dispensary in Ellicott City, Maryland, where Dr. Apgar is the medical director. Additionally, iAnthus will leverage its distribution network to provide women with access to Blissiva products throughout the state. Currently, this Maryland distribution network consists of 45 dispensaries where iAnthus is currently selling its MPX branded products.

iAnthus 2020 Annus Horribilis

Before we get to Wheatley’s allegations here’s a little background on Dr Apgar and her product range(s)
Wheatley has published, late September, two straight to camera public videos on You Tube highlighting amongst other things; that he believes Beth Stavola the chief strategy officer at i Anthus resigned when that company became aware of the allegations surrounding Dr Apgar including issues revolving around her sexual exploitation of teen girls as GYN patients and also past alleged and unrecorded racist statements by Apgar about Black men working as OB/GYN physicians.
Beth Stavola

MJ Biz noted in their report Aug 5 2020 about Stavola’s resignation that…… The company did not expound on the resignation of Stavola, who previously served as a senior vice president at Wall Street firm Jefferies & Co. before joining MPX Bioceuticals. MPX merged with iAnthus in 2018.

Due to prior “abuse” allegations by Wheatley Apgar has sued him, filed a false peace order application & criminal stalking charges. All 3 court actions taken by Apgar against Wheatley are reported as failed.
Wheatley says that local Maryland police are now taking a look at his allegations.

VIDEO 1 (Please Click On Image To Watch Video)

Dr. Leslie Apgar and unanswered questions on sexual exploitation of teen GYN patients.
If you believe you or your daughter may be a victim of the now well established ‘very intimate personal journey’ that Dr. Apgar as admitted to, contact an attorney or the local police. If you want to make a formal complaint with Maryland, the search Maryland Board of Physicians and follow the instructions.
Dr. Apgar has publicly admitted that she and the other (female) gynecologists, were using the patients as to set up the “PHYSICIAN to experience very intimate personal journeys…”
NO SANE PARENT, would knowingly take their teen daughter to a gynecologist, so the gynecologist can experience a quasi-sexual fantasy of intimacy with the teen girls! Parents / teen not informed of the physician’s intent and no consent was asked or given for such unprofessional exploitation of the patients. If you were a patient in that office, you may want to see an attorney
Dr. Leslie Apgar, who already stated the she was not a pedophile in court papers, is under increasing scrutiny due to her anti-male statements, racist statements against Black men as OB/GYN physicians, and her inappropriate pursuit of teen girls as GYN patients. This video is 1 of a series by brucethenurse on youtube.

VIDEO 2 (Please Click On Image To Watch Video)

Dr. Leslie Apgar said “I am not a pedophile” in Maryland court papers. Sexual exploitation of teens
Neither the teen girl or her mother were informed of the female gynecologist’s intentions. NO CONSENT was asked for nor obtained. Unprofessional, unethical 20 year pattern of exploitative predatory conduct, specifically targeting White teen girls.
The number of alleged teen victims could be in the thousands. Teen girls in and around the greater Howard County area and Catonsville, Baltimore should see this information.
If you were a woman who went to this all female GYN practice and were previously unaware of their undisclosed intentions as to having the female PHYSICIAN experience that coveted very intimate personal journey… you may want to see an attorney. Details in the video.

Here at CLR we repeat that we can only record Wheatley’s statments as, as yet unproven allegations.

That said, the unravelling of Ms Stavola at iAnthus, the repeated failed attempts by Dr Apgar to pursue Wheatley in the courts and sue him or place restrictions on him making statements, as well as his willingness to place his allegations on public record do suggest a statement is probably due from Greenhouse Wellness .

We also note that Greenhouse Wellness according to their own site are looking to launch into the New Jersey Medical Cannabis market. This is probably a good time for full transparency before launching in a new market.

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