What is CBG – and how is it Different from CBD?

But before dipping our toes any further into the pool of information, let’s first understand where the CBG hype is coming from.

Contrary to popular belief, not all cannabinoids are naturally occurring. Some components like THC and CBD develop after the plant is exposed to external influences, including, heat, air, light, etc. On the other hand, there’s a branch of components called Phytocannabinoids which are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant and CBG is one of them.

Why is this important?

By exposing these phytocannabinoids to the external influences discussed above, we can produce THC and CBD. The story is not different with CBG. In fact, CBG is considered to be the “stem cell” of other cannabinoids. In other words, CBD and THC are produced from CBG after an internal enzymatic reaction in the plant.

CBG carries an array of benefits, including mitigation of paranoia and anxiety, specifically, the paranoia and anxiety often caused by THC. Which makes it a perfect complement to a smoking session that could get out of hand. But we’ll touch base on the benefits of CBG later.

The main reason why CBG has become so popular is because of its “precursor” nature to other important and commercial cannabinoids. This paves a path for science to develop new ways of producing THC and CBD products. The only problem is that CBG is found in small quantities within the cannabis plant, it is this scarcity that has also stalled conclusive evidence of what the effects of CBG are on the body.

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