AZ Republic Editorial Board: “Prop 207 Would Correct a Historic Wrong”

AZ Cannabis News 2020

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board published an opinion piece stating that Proposition 207, the ballot measure to legalize adult-use marijuana in Arizona, will correct a decades-old mistake made by the Federal government when they implemented the War on Drugs.

“The United States was wrong to use criminal law to control use of a low-level street drug like marijuana,” the Arizona Republic wrote. “Prop. 207 can correct that in Arizona.”

Nearly 40 states have legalized the medicinal use of cannabis, and 11 states plus Washington D.C. have legalized its recreational use (adult use) by creating dispensaries and taxing sales.

“The Arizona Republic recommends passage of Prop. 207 because we need to right an historic wrong — to decriminalize marijuana use and put the responsibility back on individuals to choose wisely when it comes to low-grade substances such as marijuana and alcohol,” the opinion says. “The Arizona Republic recommends Arizonans vote ‘yes’ on Prop. 207.”

View the facts about Prop 207.

Photo: Ken Bosma/Flickr CC2.0 Modified

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