3 CBD Preparations That Give You The Best Results

For those looking to manage chronic conditions, the wellness market has provided many alternatives over the years, but maybe none so intriguing, and potentially beneficial, as cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a chemical compound, called a phytocannabinoid, common in the cannabis plant, and it has found a place in medicine cabinets around the world over the last few years.

Research supports CBD’s efficacy in managing a myriad of conditions, and its low occurrence of side effects and lack of psychoactive effect has made it a go-to for many folks looking for relief for conditions, ranging from epilepsy to acne. Because of its wide-ranging effectiveness, CBD is available in a number of forms – oils, creams and lotions, gummies, and even coffees and other drinks like CBD water. But tailoring your consumption method to your condition is vital if you want the best possible effect.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose which product is right for you. If you have acne, will a sublingual oil work for you? If you live with depression, will a lotion be effective?

3 CBD Preparations That Give You The Best Results

CBD is probably best known as a tincture that consumers take by mouth.

1. CBD Tinctures

CBD is probably best known as a tincture that consumers take by mouth. It is administered by a small dropper, and the liquid is placed under the tongue. The sublingual area is perfect for administration, owing to the prevalence of blood vessels and the thin overlying tissue. The onset of the effect is almost immediate because the compounds can enter the bloodstream directly instead of making a lengthy trip through the digestive system.

Because effects begin so quickly, CBD oil would be a good choice for those living with anxiety and other mood disorders.

2. Topical CBD Preparations

CBD-infused creams, lotions, and massage oils are a great choice to alleviate skin conditions and muscle or joint pain. Products can be applied to the affected area, preferably before pain begins or becomes intense, and reapplied as necessary.

For those seeking help for skin conditions like acne or psoriasis, topical preparations are a simple to use, side-effect-free option. Current research supports the efficacy of CBD for acne and psoriasis as well as other skin conditions. Applying a topical product to the affected area should provide you with a low-risk therapy that consumers swear by.

3. CBD Edibles and Drinks

Noshing on CBD-infused snacks like gummies or taking your afternoon tea with a splash of CBD mixed in are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Edibles and infused drinks are discreet and simple to add to your wellness regimen. Ingesting CBD is a great choice for those who don’t need immediate relief or who want a more palatable method than sublingual drops. Edibles and drinks are perfect if you plan to be out on the town and don’t want to risk spilling your tincture in your purse or want the discretion of munching on a piece of candy instead of using a dropper.

Edibles do take longer to take effect, though. Compounds must make the trip through the digestive system before they enter the bloodstream, so the onset of effect can sometimes take as long as an hour. Ingesting CBD is a good way to start your day if you’re managing a chronic condition. Gummies, teas, water, and coffee mixtures can be used throughout the day for a long-lasting effect.

The Take-Home

CBD is a promising means of managing a number of conditions and is available in a wide variety of preparations. The best way to use CBD is completely dependent on your specific treatment goals. Also, you can mix and match preparations to meet your own unique needs. As with any addition to your wellness regimen, please discuss CBD with your healthcare provider before using it.


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