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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) – Veterinarian and owner of the Animal General in Cranberry, Dr. Mike Hutchinson, joined KDKA Radio on Thursday morning to answer some questions regarding the health of dogs.

Here are some of the questions that he was asked:

Is peanut butter toxic to dogs?

“When you look at a label for your pet, if they have ‘XYL’ in it, do not give it because that is extremely toxic to dogs. It’s safe for humans, but they are using it as a sweetener in many products now,” said Dr. Mike.

“Peanuts technically aren’t toxic to dogs, but macadamia nuts are. I always tell people they just aren’t good treats for animals, stay away from the peanuts, almonds and macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts can cause severe pain and heavy paralysis.”

Is medical marijuana or CBD in the pet world yet?

“It is; veterinarians in Pennsylvania can’t recommend it yet because of the federal law that says marijuana has no medicinal value. It’s a scheduled one narcotic, is what they claim,” Dr. Mike explains.

“Until they release that, we aren’t going to be able to recommend it.”

Our dog is fairly calm when we are home as a family, but when we are home alone he seems anxious all the time. Do you have any suggestions without making him a Zombie?

“We call that separation anxiety. When certain members of the family leave, they start to get anxious.”

“There are a whole bunch of calming products on the market. There’s a new product out called Calming Care from Purina, it’s a calming probiotic.”

Lately, our dog (a Boxer mix) seems very slow to walk and is hunched, it seems. He wags his tail and eats well, but we are worried he has arthritis. Does that come on suddenly?

“If I hear that history, I don’t think its arthritis. I think that he partially ruptured a disc; they hunch up their backs and it gets really painful. They don’t want to take steps easily, they don’t want to go down or up easily,” Dr. Mike tells KDKA Radio.

“I would have your veterinarian check that, there are some medications that would help.”

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