Is Marijuana Ever OK for Christians to Use? – Summit Life with J.D. Greear


Pastor J.D. talks about whether or not the legal use of marijuana is smart or valuable for Christians.

A glimpse inside this episode:

In the previous, this was an simple adequate query, for the reason that marijuana was illegal. It wasn’t a “gray area” for Christians. The drug was illegal, so it was off-limits to these who are “subject to the governing authorities” (Rom. 13:1). But as recreational marijuana becomes legal in much more states, some Christians are possessing conversations about whether or not there could be an acceptable use. 

  • Though the Bible in no way mentions marijuana, it does prohibit intoxication. If one particular hit of marijuana tends to make you higher, there’s no way to smoke it and obey the Bible’s commands against drunkenness. No drug really should not move us to the point of losing manage. But that is substantially of the intrigue and mystique of marijuana.
  • In addition, marijuana has been demonstrated to have a lot of addictive qualities, much more so than alcohol and nicotine, and Paul says: “Though all factors are lawful, but I will not be ruled by them.” 

So, on the entire, it is just difficult to see how this could ever be smart. And that is the wisest query: Is it valuable?

  • I will add: marijuana use tends to make you demonstrably dumber. I imply, so does watching the Bachelor or 5–6 hours of golf. But it is not a valuable variable in this equation.

One particular deeper situation: the effects of marijuana perform against the sort of neighborhood we really should seek in the physique of Christ. 

In Ephesians, Paul contrasts getting drunk with wine vs. filled with the Spirit. That is not an accidental comparison. Each are methods you deal with tension and challenges. Wine (and we could add marijuana) dull your awareness of reality. The Spirit heightens your awareness of an alternate reality–the promises of the gospel and the sovereignty of God. And you speak these to one particular a different in the church, in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.

  • Some who speak from expertise say that finding higher “pulls you inside oneself, causes you to turn out to be much more disengaged, not only from individuals, but also from life in basic.” 
  • One particular says: “Before I was a Christian, I smoked marijuana to . . . disengage from each individuals and difficulties.” 
  • One particular guy stated: “By causing customers to disengage from life, marijuana functions against the adore of neighbor Jesus commands. Christians searching for to honor God with their lives would do effectively to stay away from it.


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