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Hash Haze marijuana is an Indica strain, brought to you by Terrapin. It leaves users feeling relaxed, and also extremely tired, and therefore, it is often used at night. People love hash haze in all of its forms, including dabs, concentrates and wax. The Hash Haze strain is a bit hard to come by, but those who find it, have nothing but positive things to say about it.

While it is found abundantly in Colorado and Oregon, reviews online are few and far between. This could be due to online resources, or it could be due to its older clientele, who hardly ever review things online. One thing is for certain though, users seem to come back to the Hash Haze marijuana strain year after year.


Where does the Hash Haze marijuana strain come from? The folks over at Terrapin Care Station have created a beautiful Indica marijuana strain made from Gorilla Glue and Wookie.

Terrapin Care Station provides medical patients, and recreational marijuana users, with the finest quality cannabis. They have five locations in Colorado, and a wide range of dispensaries across the lovely state of Oregon.

Gorilla Glue

The Gorilla Glue marijuana strain is an almost even hybrid, but it considered to a Sativa dominant. The THC in this strain measures in at an above-average content of 32%,  making it a strain that gives you a real trip. This strain has won many awards in California which backs up its cult following. A coffee, earthy, sweet, and spicy scent makes the aroma of this very pleasant. The smoke is soft, and leaves users coming back to it regularly.


Wookie has a glorious aroma profile created from floral and sour terpenes, with lavender at the forefront. This strain gives users an overall relaxing effect. The smoke from this strain is a bit stronger, and can leave users in a coughing fit. It is great for pain, headaches, and stress.


Hash Haze marijuana is an Indica heavy strain, which means users can expect to feel relaxed, euphoric, drowsy, and tired. This strain is typically used at night, and isn’t recommended for morning or daytime use. Using this in the AM can cause people to sleep for hours during the day, which will keep them up all night, thus creating a disruption in a person’s typical sleep cycle.

The THC content is moderate, measuring in at 18%. This means that daily users can get a nice body buzz, without getting lost in a trippy hallucination, or feeling like they have become one with the couch.


Users will be hit with an instant feeling of relaxation, which they will feel in their head and their body. Worries, fears, and everyday overthinking can be eliminated after a bit of this. Great to pair as an after-work release, and can be perfect to use during the weekend.


Since this is a great strain to de-stress you, it should come as no surprise that it can additionally leave you with a happy sense of well being. Feelings of euphoria can be felt in the mind and body, which is excellent for those who are looking to use cannabis therapeutically.


People all handle feelings of drowsiness differently. Some can power through the feeling where others succumb to the droopy eyes, and end up falling asleep. If it is your first time using Hash Haze, take it at home when you don’t need to be anywhere. You might be able to stay awake, alert, and pay attention, while others will instantly fall asleep, and stay asleep.


Much like drowsiness, people all feel tiredness at different levels. Over-anxious people like to use Hash Haze to balance their jitters out, where naturally calm people might feel too tired after a bit of this strain.

Recreational Uses

Hash Haze is a strain one will want to use at home, or at places they will be at for a few hours. Typically, people won’t use this before they have to operate anything, which means it isn’t great to pair with sports, or driving any sort of motorized vehicle.


People who are big into puzzles, like to pair this strain with doing them. This can be puzzles of any kind, be it sudoku, or old school puzzles made out of wood. Hash Haze will make you tired for the first few hours of the high, but you will still be alert, and relaxed.

Video Games

Nothing makes a video game feel more intense than when you pair it with a bit of cannabis. The images will appear more intense, and when you crank the sound up, you will almost feel as if you are in the game itself. Video games on a computer, or through a gaming system, can both be an excellent option for this strain.


Meditation is a personal experience which requires a person to sort of leave the parts of the brain they usually use, and jump to other hidden areas. Meditation can be beneficial for a person’s all-around health, and Hash Haze is the vessel that carries them to their serenity. Meditation helps a person empty their negative thoughts to the trash, and replace them with a calm sense of well being.

Beer Tasting

Beer is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world with so many micro-breweries popping up. Hash Haze provides an earthy classic marijuana scent, that pairs nicely with many different beers. A small dose of this can be great to have before a beer tasting to bring out different flavors in both the weed, and the beer. Just be sure to have a DD or an Uber on speed dial, because you will be snoozing before you make it home.

Medical Uses

In terms of using Hash Haze as a therapeutic marijuana strain, people typically use it for massive body pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress. People who don’t like to swallow pills, or those who have addiction problems, will find the Hash Haze marijuana strain to be a perfect medical pain treatment alternative, to the opioids usually prescribed.

Body Pain

Body pain is something can affect old or young people, and can be from a wide range of reasons. Genetics or sports can cause people to have substantial body pain, that prevents them from functioning properly. Hash Haze can help people do everyday things, such as cooking, and go to the bathroom in a quicker fashion than they normally would be able to. People never know how much they use their body for simple things, until they are no longer able to.

People who have substantial body pain, specifically in their muscles, should look for Hash Haze in an oil or topical form. Applying this directly to the pain can provide instant, and more concentrated relief.


Insomnia is something that affects at least one or two people you know. It can come in the form of not being able to fall asleep, or having a hard time staying asleep. Not getting a proper nights rest can cause daytime drowsiness. Hash Haze can be the remedy that many people need, in order to sleep, which makes them feel well-rested for the next day. Once you feel rested, you can focus more at work, and it improves your ability to get tasks done, that you might otherwise have a hard time completing.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression can hit a person all at once, which really ruins their day, or night. It can lead to suicidal thoughts, and can put those around in fear. Hash Haze is the healing miracle many have used to turn their mind around. It gives people optimism, and shows them a new way to look at their future, which helps them live in the moment of the now.


Users will notice a citrus scent running throughout the buds, in the smoke, and taste.

The flavor of this is citrus, followed by an earthy undertone that some people have compared to a wet forest leaf. Hash Haze isn’t a strain many people use for the overall aroma, since it seems to be lacking in that department.

The buds are a bit more dry, and less sticky, and the smoke is very nice. Unlike one of its parent strains, it won’t leave you in a coughing fit.


Hash Haze has a very mundane appearance that matches its ordinary flavor. Different green hues are speckled with orange pistils.


The reviews for this strain seem to all be similar. This makes it great to know what you will be getting, but it also makes the strain sound a bit boring. Those who are looking for an old school classic marijuana will find the Hash Haze strain to be quite pleasurable.

People don’t seem to be too overly enthusiastic about the aroma. Some say they taste intense citrus flavors, while others say it is pretty dank. Ironically, some say it has absolutely no flavor and no scent, which may be a good, or bad thing, depending on what you are looking for. Users who prefer old school marijuana, with none of the fancy new aromas, will enjoy this strain.

All users, who use the Hash Haze strain for pain, have had a100% success rate. A few users, who had recently gotten into car crashes, said they used this strain at night to help with pain, and put them to sleep. A few had PTSD from their accident, and this strain wiped that out as well. The THC in this strain is excellent for giving users pleasant dreams, that seem to tap into their happy, and playful minds.


Those who are looking for an easy strain to grow at home, will be more than happy to try this strain out. Many indoor growers use nutrient-rich soil and proper light practices come into play. This helps the strain grow efficiently, and adequately.

Hash Haze is a great strain to grow for sellers who want a more significant yield, with a lower selling price point. Having a strain like this will move the product quickly.

Hash Haze is very easy to clone, and growers who prefer this method, are going to love this strain. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. This strain is grown outside in California and Oregon abundantly, so those living in similar climates are good to grow this outside as well.

Hash Haze is typically sold for 1/4 oz at $35.

Similar Strains

Many people find a marijuana strain that they like, and seem to stick with them for years. It might be for the taste, and it might also be for the effects. Either way, it can be helpful to find and know similar marijuana strains.

  • Silver Nina
  • Cherry Grapefruit
  • White Haze
  • Dutch Kush
  • Cannasutra
  • Shooting Star
  • Big Bomb
  • P-91
  • Blue Satellite

If there is a specific strain you need, it is always smart to call ahead of time. Nothing is worse than going to a particular dispensary, getting all the way there, and realizing they don’t have the one strain you want.

When in doubt, you can always try to grow the strain on your own. With so many resources out there, it is now easier than ever to try growing at home.

Negative Effects

Hash Haze is a moderate strain, and doesn’t seem to have any severe, or moderately severe side effects. Users seem to have only good things to say about this strain, and even those typically sensitive to cannabis, don’t need to take any extra precautions with this strain.

The standard dry eyes and dry mouth are going to leave users a bit uncomfortable. Eye drops and water are the only two things you will need in order to cure these annoyances.

Since the THC content in this strain is quite average, users don’t need to worry about any anxiety, or paranoia.

Final Thoughts

People who are looking to use marijuana in more of a therapeutic manner, versus a recreational one, are going to love this marijuana strain. It has enough THC to leave users with a mild trip, but won’t be so much that users have to worry about hallucinations.

People fighting with body pain, or dealing with mental issues daily, can find much-needed relief with the Hash Haze strain. Those with a sensitivity to marijuana, or THC, don’t need to worry with this strain, as it is one of the smoothest highs a user can have, from start to end.

Something to keep in mind with this strain, is in small dose, users can expect to have a high they can work and function through, feeling a bit of the Sativa effects. In larger doses, this is sure to knock out 90% of users. Pair this marijuana strain with a bed, and you will have the best sleep of your life.


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