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Dear Stoner: How a lot of hours right after smoking marijuana does it take for you to be capable to drive?

Dear Dewayne: This is not an answer we can just pull out of our butt cracks for you. There is not sufficient science to sit on in order to give you an precise time frame, but our asses are not fully bare, either. Due to the fact cannabis impairment is not as uncomplicated to ascertain via breath and blood levels, law enforcement nevertheless does not have an precise way of figuring out how higher you seriously are, although advancements are getting produced in breath and blood testing to detect THC levels and ascertain when a driver final consumed.

A Colorado county sheriff measures a driver’s impairment levels throughout a 2018 driving experiment that measures the capabilities of alcohol and cannabis customers.

Thomas Mitchell

Most state laws surrounding cannabis DUIs concentrate on the quantity of THC in the blood, measuring it in nanograms (Colorado’s limit is five nanograms). Even so, day-to-day customers are probably to have higher levels of THC even if they final smoked the day just before, though novice and new customers will have low levels of THC in their blood quite a few hours right after consumption, regardless of nevertheless getting baked.

It all comes down to your tolerance and the potency of the cannabis. Nonetheless, we’d advise waiting at least a couple hours right after you toke just before you believe about driving, no matter what.

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