Can You Get a Negative Higher from Weed?


Most of the time, for most persons, the higher you expertise just after smoking weed is absolutely nothing but pleasant. You just puff-puff-pass what ever it is you are smoking from, and let the relaxation and euphoric effects of cannabis take hold. But what occurs when the higher you get just after consuming weed is something but pleasant? Possibly a swift toke tends to make your heart race and a creeping sense of paranoia begins to kick in. Or possibly some further dank edibles hit just a small also robust for you and the existentialism hits. What ever adverse effects that you are experiencing from weed extra than most likely have to do with the higher. So, can you get a terrible higher from weed and, if you can, what can you do about it?

Do not be concerned about irrespective of whether or not your subsequent weed higher will be superior or terrible given that Leafbuyer is right here to give you the simple rundown on what turns a entertaining smoke session into a scary higher. Fortunately, you do not have to have to get also stoned to discover the lessons we’ve currently discovered the challenging way. So, take a puff of your favourite strain, sit back, and get prepared to discover about experiencing a terrible weed higher.

Receiving Higher from Weed: The Fundamentals

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Ahead of diving into the specifics behind superior and terrible cannabis highs, let’s take a moment to cover the simple information and figures when it comes to receiving higher from weed. Following all, it is generally a superior thought to start out from the starting, specifically with a topic as nuanced as cannabis highs. So, let’s get began and jump into the simple mechanics of how you get higher from weed!

1st of all, the way you consume cannabis has a direct impact on how the higher will hit you. The simple, most frequent strategies of cannabis consumption are smoking, vaping, and edibles. When you smoke or vape cannabis, the THC in the weed is activated and, when it reaches your lungs, it absorbs into your bloodstream and then travels to the brain to induce the weed higher we all know and appreciate. Edibles, on the other hand, take longer to kick in given that they 1st have to go by means of a slower digestion method to release the THC all through your physique.

For the reason that smoking and vaping operate by means of the lungs, the higher tends to be weaker and shorter-lived than an edible higher. The effects of edibles, on the other hand, linger for a lot longer in your program and typically have a larger THC content material, hence creating your higher stronger. It is a lot simpler to expertise a terrible higher from edibles — after all, after you consume that weedy treat, you are strapped in for what ever ride the cannabis plans to give you.

That mentioned, it is critical to note that your surroundings can also play a enormous component in how your weed higher goes. For far better or for worse, having said that you like to get stoned, there’s a scientific method that goes into creating you really feel higher.

Can You Get a Negative Higher from Weed?

Now that we have a simple understanding of what goes on behind the scenes when you are receiving stoned, let’s get back to the query at hand: can you get a terrible higher from weed? The quick answer is yes, you can unquestionably get a terrible higher from weed. In the very same way you can get also drunk from alcohol, also complete from meals, or also overworked from workout. As with just about every little thing in life, it is totally doable to indulge in also a lot of a superior issue.

Consuming cannabis in moderation is a terrific way to stay away from experiencing a adverse weed expertise. Other than quantity, the variables that go into turning a superior higher from weed into a terrible higher from weed are relatively restricted.

The 1st and most critical issue to hold in thoughts is exactly where you are and who you are with. By obtaining a smoke session in a comfy location with persons you like, you are setting oneself up for a superior weed higher. If you take an edible ahead of staying at your strict aunt’s residence, on the other hand, the expertise is bound to be a small rough. Your private mindset at the moment, your tendency towards anxiousness or paranoia, your tolerance level, and the weed you smoke also have an impact on your higher. Fundamentally, there are a ton of elements that go into figuring out the high quality of your weed higher, and it is up to you to make confident you get it correct!

How to Guarantee a Superior Weed Higher

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If there are so quite a few variables that can contribute to experiencing a terrible higher from weed, how do you guarantee a superior weed higher rather? Some of the factors that can certainly ruin your cannabis expertise are outdoors of your manage, but there are nevertheless a handful of nifty ideas and tricks every person can use to make their weed higher as chill as can be. So, do not be concerned about your subsequent cannabis expertise going terrible — just study these ideas and get prepared for a string of pleasant smoke sessions!

Get Higher with Mates

Receiving higher with close friends is a terrific thought regardless, but specifically if it indicates mitigating potentially terrible pot experiences. Just invite more than your favourite close friends for a superior ol’ fashioned smoke session, and leave your worries at the door! Not only are stoner buddies excellent for receiving baked, sharing some laughs, and possibly playing a handful of games, they also distract you if the higher gets terrible. By beginning off your higher on the correct foot with some weed and some close friends, you are set to have a chill higher. And if the higher is unpleasant, at least your close friends are suffering with you! Misery loves organization, just after all.

Know Your Mental State

Everybody reacts to differently to cannabis, so it is challenging to say a single way or one more how a higher will hit. If cannabis causes you to expertise unpleasant side effects such as paranoia or an improve in anxiousness, it is critical to strategy receiving higher with care. The very same goes for newcomers to cannabis, also — there’s absolutely nothing entertaining about receiving also baked if you know there’s a likelihood of obtaining a terrible higher. Getting self-conscious and conscientious about your private drug use is important, specifically if you want to hold a healthful thoughts and partnership with weed.

Do not Overdo It

Probably the most critical tip for avoiding a terrible higher from weed is to know your limits — and to not exceed them. Everybody has a diverse tolerance level when it comes to cannabis, and no a single will judge you for taking it straightforward — specifically if it is to stay away from a terrible higher. This tip goes double for edible consumption, given that it is these tasty small treats that’ll truly lead to an unpleasant expertise with weed if you take also a lot. There’s a cause just about just about every stoner has a terrible edible story, and it is mainly because just about just about every stoner overdoes it with edibles at some point or one more.


It is straightforward to stay away from receiving a terrible higher from weed if you know the ideas and tricks! Pay a visit to your nearby dispensary or go on the net to see what sorts of cannabis items are obtainable on the market place. With so quite a few astounding new things hitting the shelves just about every day, there’s bound to be some thing out there to give you a superior higher from weed.



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