A Case of Drooping Leaves


Hi all, 1st post, 1st develop. Day 16 due to the fact plant placed in netpot (place it in there way also early, what can I say, I was excited) and getting some drooping challenges as of late. Leaves nevertheless appear healthier and developing, even so points appear to have slowed a bit.

Single bucket rdwc w external res outdoors tent (five gal + 5gal), 315 CMH, super silver haze from seed.

Res temp @ 62-70 began making use of HG a couple days ago
Ambient @ 70-80
Light height @ 36″
RH @ 50-60%
pH @ five.six-six.1
Superior airflow…

A Case of Drooping Leaves
September 29, 2019 at 02:09AM

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