Police Shut Down Illegal Cannabis Vaping Operation In San Gabriel Valley


EL MONTE (CBSLA) — Police shut down an illegal marijuana vaping operation in the San Gabriel Valley Thursday.

The bust occurred at about four:37 p.m. immediately after police conducting a warrant search for suspected illegal marijuana vape pen sales and identified massive jars of butane honey oil — concentrated cannabis oil — at an workplace creating in the 9600 block of Telstar Avenue.

Lt. Christopher Cano with the El Monte Police mentioned officers also identified a machine that was employed to load vape cartridges.

“The procedure is quite hazardous,” Cano mentioned.

Cano, who employed to perform narcotics, mentioned the procedure of distilling the oil for use in vape goods is potentially flammable.

“Simple static electrical energy from our clothing can ignite these fumes causing not just a fire, but an explosion for the reason that it is below concentration,” he mentioned. “And if there’s a number of jars and issues like that, we’re going to have 1 explosion immediately after the subsequent causing not just a fire, but we could possibly have a complete complicated taken out with the explosion.”

A hazmat group was named to the vacant workplace to take possession of the illegal and potentially hazardous substance. The worth of the confiscated goods and gear was not promptly recognized.

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Published: September 27, 2019

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