Weedmaps Plans to Get rid of Unlicensed Organizations from Platform


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In an work to minimize the quantity of unlicensed cannabis companies and illicit transactions in legal states, Weedmaps lately announced the particulars of a program to eliminate these companies and people. In spite of the reality that adult-use cannabis is legal in the state of California, there is nonetheless a huge black market place. Weedmaps aims to do its element to push back against these illegal transactions. 

The company’s program is in response to allegations that Weedmaps is contributing to illicit cannabis sales, specifically in California. Also, the well-liked cannabis platform also announced that they would be taking measures to assistance licensed, minority-owned cannabis companies.

“Just 3 weeks ago, we announced a very first-of-its-sort plan to enable social equity participants achieve a rightful foothold in the cannabis business. We also announced our program to use the energy of our platform to enable assistance licensed cannabis companies,” stated Chris Beals, the CEO of Weedmaps, in a press release. “While these policy alterations will only have a symbolic influence on the size of California’s unlicensed market place, without having additional licensing possibilities and other huge listing platforms following suit, we want to continue to lead by instance.”

Weedmaps added that they program to add improvements to the web-site so that customers can improved recognize and assistance licensed companies. The business says they also intend to add licensing and compliance details to the web-site relating to correct and legal delivery and tracking regulations. 

The United Cannabis Company Association requested that Weedmaps be fined up to $85 million for violating California state regulations. 

“We request the state quickly and retroactively impose the maximum fines permissible by law on Weedmaps’ illegal operations,” wrote the UCBA.

The UCBA also wrote how unlicensed cannabis companies have been partially blamed for the rise of lung illnesses due to black market place vape cartridges. These unregulated carts have been identified as one particular lead to of the vaping-associated lung illnesses that so far have impacted practically 500 cannabis and nicotine customers, at least six of which have lost their lives.

The trade association added that there have been two,835 unlicensed cannabis areas and delivery solutions presently operating in California. Comparatively, there are only 837 licensed retailers operating in California’s legal cannabis market place. 

Hopefully, these alterations to the Weedmaps platform will enable push back against illicit and unlicensed cannabis sales in the Golden State.


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