Quite a few Cannabis Grows Close to Sensitive Wildlife Habitat In Trinity And Shasta Counties Removed


( Image: iNaturalist )

The California Division of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) revealed on Thursday that throughout the week of August 26, officers served a total of seven search warrants at cannabis grows in Trinity County and carried out a trespass develop investigation in Shasta County.

( Photo: California Division of Fish and Wildlife )

CDFW was assisted by the National Guard, the State Water Sources Manage Board, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Division, and other regional agencies throughout the week’s raids.

According to CDFW, a records search revealed that neither state licenses nor county permits had been issued for any of the targeted properties and that none of them had a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement.

The concentrate of the operations was the protection of sensitive wildlife habitats critical to the survival of many animal species that are native to California which includes the winter-run Chinook and coho salmon, the foothill yellow-legged frog, the western pond turtle, and the steelhead, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.

“Our cannabis enforcement system in Redding continues to concentrate on essential habitat located in Trinity County exactly where lots of significant, threatened or endangered species contact house,” mentioned CDFW Law Enforcement Division Deputy Director and Chief David Bess. “Each of the targeted grows had various environmental violations ranging from water diversion to habitat destruction and in some situations intense pollution close to waterways.”

In the course of the week’s operations, 16 Fish and Game Code violations have been located, 33,783 cannabis plants have been eradicated, three,000 pounds of processed cannabis have been seized, and 27 suspects have been contacted.

Wildlife officers also arrested two suspects at a trespass develop close to Ono in Shasta County exactly where 1,163 cannabis plants have been eradicated and six environmental violations have been documented.

Felony charges are pending at District Attorneys Offices in each Shasta and Trinity Counties.



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