Marijuana Legalization


We definitely need to have to speak about this!

I have lately study this book known as Weed, Inc. by Ben Cort, a man who compassionately advocates for addiction remedy and rehabilitation. His book has turn into the target of trolls and corporate cannabis lobbyists. Yes I did study some of the comments. It really is sad when controversial challenges like cannabis legalization turn adults into adolescents. If you do not think me, verify out the comments for yourselves.

There have been at least 1 most important point why he advocated against Amendment 64. The most important point was is it legalization or merely commercialization. In this point, cannabis business lobbyists and private equity investment firms as properly as cannabis collectives have been pushing for Amendment 64. To add to this point, he observed the health-related marijuana dispensaries in communities of colour rather communities of colour and affluent neighborhoods as properly. I can recognize not wanting them close to preschools and schools, in particular if the concern is youngsters possessing access to cannabis. I am a parent as properly. I did not get why would any individual would assume there would not be objections of youngsters possessing access to cannabis in communities of colour. His observation of health-related marijuana dispensaries in communities of colour also had me asking concerns. My initial query was if this was a social justice concern, did they employ folks of colour, in particular if they had marijuana convictions. My second query is have been or are they paying taxes in these communities.

I can not assure that any individual will like this book my hope is after you study this book, you will have concerns, or at least be informed.


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