How to Get the (Quite) Final Drops Out of a Vape Cartridge


Most likely, if you adore to vape, you have ended up with a hand complete of half-empty or faulty cartridges (or pens) laying about. They just do not make em’ like the applied to, terrible cartridges are everywhere. It appears wasteful to just throw away these cartridges, even if it is defective or the original vape pen no longer operates adequately. It is packed complete of very potent extract, and 1 day you strategy on having it out.

For lots of of us, throwing away a partially-complete cart appears sacrilegious. So alternatively, we hold them stored in a stash box, or junk drawer till we figure out what to do with them. Does this sound all as well familiar?

Now is the day exactly where we must you how to get the extremely final drops out of empty or defective cartridges. So dig by means of the junk drawers and your weed stash – let’s get to function.


  1. Some Youtube stoners advocate smashing the cartridges to get at the excellent stuff. Actually breaking into your THC-concentrate cartridge is not only risky but desperate. If you stick to the under actions, there must be definitely no broken glass and no mess. 
  2. Do not use fire to heat the device or the concentrate in the device. Vape pens and other such devices have been in no way developed to encounter the flame from a lighter or blow torch. If you attempt to heat the cartridge with fire, you have to look at what else you may possibly be heating. Plastics, heavy metals, and glues could rapidly transfer from the device into the concentrate. Exactly where does the concentrate go? Straight into your lungs. Thus, do not use fire (lighters, torches, and so on.) to heat the cartridge.
  3. Know when to give up. Even though the following solutions must function for most carts on the industry these days – we haven’t attempted them all. There extremely properly might be a cartridge which does not give up the final dregs of THC that effortlessly. In this case, you will want to toss it. Your well being and security (and time) are not worth a couple of dollars (at most) of cannabis extract.

How to Get the Final Drops Out of a Vape Pen

For these with faulty, bubble-filled cartridges, skip ahead to the subsequent section. For these who are just attempting to get the dregs of concentrate from the bottom of your cartridge – this section is for you.

Selection #1: Heating Pad

Most of the time, all you will need to have is to loosen the thick concentrate into a additional localized region of the cartridge is heat. If you have a heating pad for developing weed, throw your leftover cartridges on the heating pad overnight. Inside a couple of hours they must have liquified, and you must score a couple of additional highly effective pulls out of it.

Selection #two: Air Exchange (Floor Register) in Your Residence

As 1 useful Reddit user pointed out, you can sit all the leftover mouthpiece up in an in-floor heat register. Very first, take away the battery, and the cartridge must sit nicely involving the slats. So extended as the heat is on in your residence, it will not take a great deal for the oil to move about closer to the interior heating element.

Selection #three: Meticulously Pry it Open

This solution largely depends on what sort of vape pen you use, but usually you can pry them open with a tiny cautious work. Pull apart the many components working with compact tools (needle-nose pliers, screwdrivers, and so on.) till you get access the concentrate.

Use a toothpick to smudge the residual THC out, and dab into a pipe or on to a blunt paper. It tends to make for a good smoke, even with a tiny dab. If you finish up breaking the glass, toss the whole cartridge. It is not worth it.

Obtaining Rid of the Bubble in a Faulty Cartridge

Each and every so usually you are bound to encounter a defective vape cartridge exactly where a bubble annoyingly interrupts your vape knowledge. No matter how really hard or how extended you haul on the mouthpiece, the bubble prevents any additional liquid from hitting the heating element. 

Selection #1: Use a Hair Dryer

Keep in mind when we mentioned in no way heat a vape pen with open flame? A hairdryer is a protected and powerful option. 

  1. Take away the battery from the cartridge and set aside.
  2. Location the cartridge mouthpiece side up (fastener side down) on a table. You can use masking tape or styrofoam as a implies to stabilize the bottom throughout this procedure.
  3. Turn the hairdryer on low and point at the cartridge. It must sit 12″ away from the cartridge to start off. You can move it closer if required.
  4. Blow hot air on the cartridge till you see movement inside. The concentrate heats up and starts to liquefy. The bubble must quickly move out of the way and pop close to the surface. The remaining liquid is back in action and prepared to vape.

Selection #two: Double Down with a Second Cart

If the very first solution does not function, yet another suggestion is to use the energy of gravity. This solution needs a secondary complete (or partially complete) cartridge from the very same brand or at least the very same universal screw tip.

  1. Making use of a tiny bit of masking tape, hyperlink the screw ends of the two cartridges with each other, so they are completely lined up. You want to move liquid from 1 cartridge into the other so the much better the alignment, the much less messy the procedure.
  2. Use a compact bit of styrofoam (or your fingers) to hold the two cartridges upright. The defective cartridge must be on the bottom and the complete 1 on prime.
  3. Turn the hairdryer to low and blow towards the cartridges. Move closer as the liquid heats up.
  4. You will see the bubble in the bottom cartridge commence to move upwards. It must dislodge and travel by means of the connection. For the duration of this movement, some liquid from the complete cartridge will go in the opposite path to fill the bottom 1.
  5. When the bubble has disappeared into the prime cartridge turn off the hairdryer.
  6. Even though nonetheless warm, disconnect the cartridges and invert to make positive the item is subsequent to the heating element and prepared to vape.

We can all agree that the 1 downside to vape pens is their disposable nature. Passionate vapers look to gather empty or worse, half-empty, cartridges like it is going out of style. These carts are not possible to recycle in most instances and wasteful to throw out. So we all hold them, hoping 1 day we’ll get the extremely final drops out.

The excellent news? It is typically not that tricky to get a couple of additional excellent pulls out of an empty cart. For any defective ones, you only need to have a hairdryer or heating pad to right the difficulty. 

As an alternative of shoving that leftover and faulty THC-laden cartridge into the back of your junk drawer, use these useful strategies to get it out. Get that final drop out, and a final extremely satisfactory inhale.


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