How to Adequately Shop Plastic Cannabis Packaging


Your plastic cannabis packaging has a significant duty. It consists of and protects your solution, communicates pertinent solution facts and delivers the 1st brand impression to your shoppers. In order for plastic packaging to fulfill these significant roles, you ought to take care to shop and manage it adequately.

Following storage situation needs for plastic bottles aids defend your cannabis solution, your organization and your clients. It does not matter if your cannabis packaging is HDPE (higher density polyethylene), PP (polyethylene) or PET (polyethylene terephthalate), appropriate storage is crucial to keep the integrity of the solution till you are prepared to fill it.

Bottle and closure storage situations such as time, temperature and humidity can have an impact on plastic containers. The exposure and age of a sample can also impact shrinkage, effect properties and the tension crack resistance of the container. Not to mention the possible threat of contamination to your cannabis solution and the poor impression of your brand in the eyes of your shoppers.

You may possibly be questioning how to get storage facts. The finest location to begin is with your cannabis packaging companion. Your supplier ought to be prepared and prepared to share all very important storage facts with you. The finest suppliers comprehend that there is a lot more to a enterprise connection than just the economic transaction of acquiring packaging. The 1st step in appropriate storage is to recognize the kind of material that was applied to manufacture your bottles and closures.

Know Your Bottle Material Kind – HDPE

If you are using HDPE for your cannabis packaging, the storage time ought to be minimal and a strict 1st-in-1st-out inventory ought to be maintained. Several finish customers will re-approve bottles following two or 3 years to assure they are harm-absolutely free.

In addition, elevated storage temperatures let plastic containers to additional shrink and harsh situations can truly trigger extreme distortion. The degree of distortion and shrinkage depends on the style and how the bottles have been stored. Greater storage temperatures also accelerate the aging course of action of the container. A moderate storage temperature ought to be supplied to safeguard constant bottle dimensions and properties. It is routinely reported that HDPE bottles can withstand temperatures of 110°F/33°C for short periods.

While humidity itself will not degrade the plastic container, a humid atmosphere can have a direct effect on the secondary packaging, such as the cardboard cartons applied for shipping. If you use stretch wrap and/or handle warehouse situations, secondary packaging troubles can be alleviated.

HDPE bottles and closures ought to be kept as clean as doable – it is finest to leave them in the original sealed cartons. The storage location ought to be kept clean, dry and dust, odor, insect, and rodent-absolutely free. Following this rule will aid to make customer trust in your brand. No a single desires to acquire cannabis items in dirty, dusty contaminated packages.

Utilizing PET Bottles?

PET bottles ought to also be applied in a 1st-in-1st-out method to limit the time in storage. Extended-term storage ought to be achieved employing a sealed polyethylene plastic bag or lined drums, totes, bins, Gaylord containers, supersacks or seabulks. The plastic liner will aid stop dust and dirt from getting into the bottles.

Elevated storage temperatures (above 100°F/38°C) let empty PET bottles to shrink, primarily due to relaxation of the oriented and partially oriented regions of the bottle. Intense temperature situations (above 131°F/55°C) can trigger extreme distortion of the amorphous regions of the bottle, which includes the finish and neck. Moderate storage temperature ought to be maintained to assure constant bottle dimensions and properties.

To aid defend PET bottles from contamination, the storage location ought to be kept clean, dry and dust, odor, insect, and rodent-absolutely free. Moreover, the storage location ought to be authorized for meals storage. PET bottles ought to not be stored in direct sunlight, and aromatic components such as spices, solvents, ink, cleaning supplies and disinfectants ought to not be stored in the similar location.

When empty PET bottles are shipped to or by means of regions exactly where the outside temperature may possibly exceed 90°/32°C, it is suggested that a temperature-controlled container or trailer capable of keeping a temperature of 80°F/27°C or reduced be applied.

Polypropylene (PP) Closures

Closures are also an significant portion of your cannabis packaging. The storage time of unlined closures ought to be minimized. As with bottles, a strict 1st-in-1st-out inventory ought to be maintained.

Elevated storage temperatures let unlined PP closures to additional shrink. Harsh situations can truly trigger extreme distortion. The degree of distortion and shrinkage depends on the closure style and storage situations. Higher storage temperatures accelerate the aging course of action of the closure moderate storage temperatures ought to be supplied to assure constant closure dimensions and properties. Like HDPE bottles, this kind of closure can withstand temperatures of 110°F/43°C for short periods.

When stored in humid situations, spend focus to the integrity of the cardboard cartons the closures are stored in. The use of stretch wrap and/or controlling warehouse situations will aid alleviate harm to the cardboard. Just like their bottle counterparts, PP unlined closures ought to be kept as clean as doable and it is finest to shop in original sealed cartons.

Correct Storage Supports Your Bottom Line

Storing plastic bottles improperly can lower the integrity of the plastic, consequently producing it unsuitable to include your cannabis solution. Poor storage can also be detrimental to filling lines and trigger production troubles, which can outcome in lowered efficiencies and added expenses.

Solution recalls can also be a by-solution of poor storage due to improved possibilities of solution contamination. If plastic bottles and closures are not adequately stored just before employing, distortion and shrinkage can harm the bottle labels applied to recognize your solution. Shrinkage of your plastic closures outcome in a poor sealing surface which is detrimental to the freshness of your cannabis solution. All of these side-effects can be extremely damaging to your brand image, from which it is really hard to recover. Buyers will shed self-confidence in your brand – top to lowered income for your bottom line.

No matter if your cannabis enterprise is in the early begin-up stages or established with loyal clients, adequately storing your plastic packaging will aid defend your brand, reduce the threat of solution recalls and enhance your profitability.


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