Buying for flower? “Ground to Go” could possibly surprise you


Situation: You go to your neighborhood coffee shop for the initially time. 

There’s tons of solutions, and of course, there’s no attempt-ahead of-you-invest in. Following a bit of selection fatigue, and worry of applying the incorrect terminology, you grab your venti iced latte and skirt proper out of there. But&#8230 oh, it is fantastic. Your new favourite. You return, week soon after week, and the barista now knows your order by heart. Often you go major and prime it with fresh whipped cream. It is essential to indulge as soon as in awhile. The catch? These greater-finish lattes are pricey. And some days are so hectic that you can not even give your 4-dollar drink the consideration it deserves. You commence to wonder if the indulgence is greatest saved for specific conditions. And however, plain old coffee will certainly come as a disappointment. It is a catch-22.

One particular day, you study that the coffee shop has a new roast that is rumored to be a genuine treat. You give it a whirl and uncover that it is not your typical cup. It is quite darn fantastic! Yes, you nevertheless get your specialty when you have got time to appreciate it. Other days, you are content material to get your caffeine by means of a higher-high-quality (however wallet-friendly) cup of “regular,” which is not so typical soon after all. 

But wait: this weblog is supposed to be about cannabis… proper? Why are we chatting about coffee?

Due to the fact in a dispensary, it is normally the very same story: You know what you like, however you have also got a spending budget to stick to. Our coffee-shop analogy is a beneficial setup for the diverse tiers of cannabis flower you can anticipate to see at Curaleaf.

In our New Jersey areas, for instance, there are 3 solutions. Let’s take a appear.

Prepared to Roll

Prepared to Roll is just what it sounds like: Cannabis that is prepped and prepared to fill your favourite papers. Comprised of smaller pieces of bud/flower, sugar leaf and resinous trichomes, it has the lowest value point of our flower solutions. In coffee terms, it is like your standard breakfast blend. Numerous folks obtain it completely satisfying (it is basically our greatest-seller), whilst other folks are seeking for anything a bit extra robust, or smooth, or just… much better.

Ground to Go

You wanted “better?” This is it. Our new Ground to Go supplies the very same comfort of Prepared to Roll, in a extra wholesome item. Due to the fact of its consistency, Ground to Go is a desirable selection for a wide variety of utilizes: roll it up, pack it in a bowl, vape it, or use it in edibles. Much better however: it is nevertheless reasonably priced! If you are not seeking to spring for the prime-shelf, but you have got a taste for it, this may possibly be your new favourite. For sufferers with dexterity challenges, this pre-ground flower of  uncompromised high-quality boasts a really perfect combo of perks!

Complete Flower

The espresso of cannabis. The greatest. If you are a correct connoisseur, you know there’s no substitute to freshly-cured complete flower. When you can go for it, go for it. When you have to have to watch your wallet, Prepared to Roll has your back as a low-price favourite. And now, Ground to Go is a further reasonably priced alternative that requires the versatility up a notch, or 3!


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