Would New York Legalize Cannabis But Ban Smoking It?



There has been a wonderful deal of back-and-forth in the state of New York when it comes to the possible of legalizing cannabis for adult use. Though it seems that most voters are in favor of legalization, it nonetheless didn’t have adequate assistance in the legislature for a bill to be passed in 2019. But that does not imply lawmakers are providing up hope or concentrate. 

Even formerly anti-legalization Governor Andrew Cuomo is nonetheless speaking about legalization. On the other hand, this week he hinted that he’s nonetheless not in favor of smoking and feels that option consumption techniques would be the far better alternative post-legalization. 

“No,” he mentioned, adding that his administration is “not in favor of smoking marijuana” and that there are “ways to get THC with out smoking marijuana.”

This all began when the governor was becoming interviewed by MSNBC, exactly where he was asked if the current deaths that seem to be linked to vaping had him reconsidering legalization. Though Cuomo assured interviewers that lawmakers in the state weren’t turning their backs on legalization, it was his further comments about smoking that provoked the query – would New York legalize cannabis, but ban smoking it? 

“People are vaping THC, yes that is correct,” Cuomo mentioned. “We believe that from a public wellness point of view, that is not a thing that we advocate and we believe it is dangerous—smoking of any sort.”

It sounds like Cuomo thinks that smoking and vaping is a public wellness concern, and consequently does not advocate it. This falls closely in line with his prior attempts to ban smoking of healthcare marijuana in the state back in 2014 – but that was presumably to make sure the plan couldn’t be taken benefit of by individuals seeking to use the law as a way to smoke legally. 

“You can legalize marijuana and sell THC in compounds that do not need you to smoke the marijuana, and we do not assistance smoking of marijuana,” he mentioned. “There are compounds that have the THC, which is a compound in marijuana, that you do not smoke.”

Probabilities are, there’s not going to be a ban on smoking recreational cannabis need to it be legalized in New York in the future. On the other hand, if they had been to attempt and push such a ban – particularly contemplating the current deaths linked to vaping – it most likely wouldn’t go more than properly. 

Smoking bans on healthcare marijuana have been met with court battles from extra than one particular angle, and individuals, shoppers, companies and advocates would all rally to fight such a ridiculous restriction.


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