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The cannabis conversation is a range of emotions from serious to joyful occasions, the serious part is of no fault to the plant, it’s wholly man-made but needs to be addressed. It’s the only industry where people like me have a name because I stand for others, people I’ve met, but most I don’t know.

This article is for the series of topics I would like to address, let’s start with the not so fun stuff.

Justice Can Fuck You Through The Drive-Thru

It’s not just the needless incarcerations that have been a side effect of the war on us but also the lack of expedited justice that drains funds and time. I wrote about Glenn and Peggy-Sue Kimmel over a year ago and want to know something; they still haven’t seen their day in court. A couple of weeks ago, I reached out to Peggy as to what this sham of a trial has cost her, and this was her response;

“I’ve paid 12,585.00 for Glenn’s initial bond. 800.00 for his ankle monitor for 50 days and 15,000.00 for my attorney. Not to mention, I’ve had to go on anxiety meds again.”

This was almost a month ago with the cost still accruing every day they don’t get their day in court. Instead, each meeting, each extension, is just the judicial system hanging The Freedom Carrot above their head until they can’t take anymore and plead out. This is American Justice.

Vape Regulated

Something is going on with vaping and death, but it’s not the THC. It’s no coincidence that multiple people across America have gotten sick or died a pulmonary death, but if it were cannabis, we would have seen this over ten years ago.

Where are all the other vape deaths and illnesses in Canada, Europe, and Australia? The concept of applying concentrated cannabis to a hot element is nothing new; what is new are people trying different carrier oils to stretch the dollar to make more product.

People dying is another example of why marijuana should be legal and regulated. As if all the craziness from “spice,” artificial weed, wasn’t enough now we have innocent deaths at the hands of prohibition. Regulated cannabis would ensure safety and a course of action for such widespread incidents. Safe access is just another valid argument for ending prohibition. Stay safe out there, Vape Nation!

He Died For Our Sins: R.I.P Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda

In stuff that should upset you news if you’re a decent human being, let alone American. Man serving defacto death sentence for cannabis, Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda, has died behind bars.

RIP marijuana lifer Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda. Age 80, incarcerated since 1993. I am so, so, sorry for the way the…

Posted by Cheri Sicard on Monday, September 16, 2019

Let us hope his death does not go unnoticed, for it is an example of the evil that pervades our justice system. Leopoldo was not unique in the sense of his crime, as there are others presently growing old and dying behind bars from the American judicial system for cannabis. If you don’t believe this statement look up Andy Cox, Craig Cesal, Richard Delisi, and add the word cannabis or the United States Vs. to see their crimes.

Cannabis Patient Can’t Consume While On Probation: Quality of Health and Life Declines

This one hits me close to home. As someone who has family that served time and been on probation, taking away access to cannabis is one of the most asine parts of the punishment after court. Just like in the military, the system is forcing the convicted to turn to harder drugs and alternative more poisonous methods to take the edge off. I agree with keeping alcohol away from someone who has proven to be a danger to society, but no one has ever smoked a joint and started a bar fight.

Taking a right to consume cannabis from someone in a legal State or with a legal, medical card is taking away the safer alternative for the individual in question. In the case of Melissa Gass from Pennsylvania, her health is bound to decline since she can’t treat her epilepsy without something legally toxic.

American Prohibition, We Can’t Breathe

When the law fails, it’s citizens; it is time to fix that law for a better nation, the war on drugs is one such law. Before I continue and to understand what I’m referring to when I say “We Can’t Breathe,” you need to look up Eric Garner. A man selling illegal cigarettes that could be legally sold in a store, not crack, heroin, pills but cigarettes and killed because of it.

When I first started writing about prohibition on the internet, mainstream outlets were only covering arrests with a dash of policy. Now cannabis has a section in major outlets across the country.

An article came out stating the death by cop is the leading cause of death for young American black men, this in my humble opinion is a direct result of the ignorance propagated by the war on drugs.

Purchase Limits Help Create The Black Market

Purchase limits do the opposite of protecting the public. This came to light for me when I read an article citing two Vice employees who lost their jobs for buying too much weed on the corporate dime. First off, there is no such thing as too much weed, unless it’s Mexican Brickweed.

Why would anyone need to purchase 10 lbs of cannabis? The same reason they’d buy 10 lbs of sugar, cooking or in the case of Vice, if you’re hosting an awesome company event. Those who intend to use large amounts of cannabis will purchase their products from the black market since the regulatory creates daily purchase limits. Why not allow large quantities purchased with some sort of I.D traceability, some people just like to have a good time, not all large purchases of cannabis are intended for diversion.

God Made Weed, Man-Made The War On Weed

In shit gets silly news and for a transition into the lighter side of the cannabis conversation, I present to you a Colorado politician who thinks pot shops on the same street as a church is a war on God. Thanks to the vigilance of the good people over at Marijuana Moment we have the story and video of Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) pandering to people who identify themselves as Christian.

The Not So Serious

Cannabis activism can be pretty fucking depressing, sick kids, broken families, incarceration, and other such fun topics. This is why I don’t frown upon Events where people voluntarily consuming mass amounts of cannabis in the form of joints the size of a baby’s arm. With that said, I would like to share with you some things on the internet that have made me smile or just say WTF.

First up, this.

Restaurant In Colorado Gives Out Rolling Papers Instead of Matches

View post on

YouTube offers a wide range of  people to follow, here is some of the silly

 Check Out Brandi TV, She does make-up tutorials and other things while consuming cannabis

Plantman By Gary Young

Ok, there is no cannabis in this video but you can’t tell me this guy doesn’t consume cannabis or at least had it a little in mind when writing this.

If you made it this far, I thank you. I can go on for days with the silliness of the internet but instead, I will leave you with one last video that made me smile and that was when the Governor of Michigan wished for a Happy Hash Bash 2019, something I thought I would never see a politician do.


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