Anatomy of a Dab Rig


If you haven&#8217t attempted it oneself, you undoubtedly should have at least heard of dabbing. We aren&#8217t speaking about the dance move, even though you&#8217re most likely also familiar with that common trend. We&#8217re speaking about a approach of consuming cannabis that entails vaporizing a little quantity of concentrated extract, referred to as a &#8220dab.&#8221  There are a number of sorts of cannabis extract or concentrate that can be dabbed. If you&#8217re not certain what some of the greatest selections are, speak to us! We&#8217re content to support you get began. 

For numerous cannabis customers, dabbing could look a bit unfamiliar or complex. Despite the fact that a dab rig appears like a bong, there are some substantial variations. Let&#8217s get started with the fundamentals and get familiar with the gear:




Nail or Banger

The nail or banger is exactly where the concentrate is placed just after it&#8217s been pre-heated working with a little butane torch. It can be created of a selection of various supplies such as glass, ceramic, quartz, or titanium. Some nails are even electronic, referred to as an &#8220e-nail.&#8221 The nail or

banger is heated to a temperature higher adequate to evaporate a dab of concentrate. That temperature is probably among 450 &amp 700 degrees but varies primarily based on user preference and nail&#8217s material.

Glass Dome

This piece fits more than the major of the nail as soon as the nail is heated. In addition to stopping the loss of concentrate vapor, it also protects your fingers from accidental burns.


This piece is a corridor for air and vapor to pass as it&#8217s pulled into the chamber. It has a 90-degree bend, holding the nail vertically upright at the major though the other finish attaches close to the bottom of the base.


The vapor from the heated concentrate passes via this water-filled chamber and up via the mouthpiece as you inhale. Some dab rigs have a single or much more filters inside of the chamber. The chamber of a dab rig is made to hold a great deal much less water than a bong. The base is smaller sized and does not flare.

Mouth Piece

A seal is designed by pressing your mouth up against this piece. Element your lips just adequate to draw air steadily in causing the water in the chamber to bubble as the inhaled air is replaced via the downstem, bringing the vapor with it. This need to really feel familiar if you&#8217ve ever utilised a bong.


Extra Tools

A little butane torch

The torch is utilised to heat the nail. When working with the torch, aim away from each oneself and the rest of the rig to stop it from overheating and cracking. If this is the element of dabbing that turns you off, look at working with an e-nail as an alternative. You won&#8217t have to deal with any open flames or guess-function about when you&#8217ve accomplished the suitable temperature.



A &#8220dabber or wand

Commonly created from glass or metal, this is a tool made to support you transfer a little quantity of concentrate onto the heated nail. It&#8217s far also sticky to deal with with your finger, not to mention you&#8217d by no means want to place your fingers that close to the heated nail, so don&#8217t even attempt! These are economical and a tool you&#8217ll absolutely want to have on hand if you strategy to dab.



Can&#8217t image all of this in action, see how it&#8217s performed!

Like bongs, there are numerous various designs and attachments for dab rigs. To find out about the pros and cons of the various nail supplies or add-on pieces, speak to a single of us, we&#8217d adore to support!

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