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Seas the day, jump feet first into the ocean and pair it all with the fruity Sativa hybrid strain that goes by the name of Tropical Haze marijuana. Underneath the nice fruit is a bit of spice, that really makes this strain stand above the rest. One taste of this and you’ll be booking your return ticket time after time again.

Tropical Haze is a newer strain brought to the market recently, and therefore, might be a bit harder for customers to find.

Many love it for its fruity taste, that doesn’t have a marijuana-like smell stuck to their clothes, hair, or car.


Tropical Haze is quite the world traveler, as it has roots from Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Mexico, and Thailand. Having a lineage from so many places is what gives this strain such great flavors and scents.

Parent Strains

Tropical Haze comes from the marijuana strains Big Skunk and Haze. Let us take a brief look at the characteristics of each parent strain.

Big Skunk

The Big Skunk marijuana strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid, that has found a way to give consumers the best of both the Indica and Sativa worlds. People will feel a body buzz, while the mind gets a little bit spunky, and produces significant euphoric effects.

The aroma of this strain is dank, and gives off the classic, not shocking to anyone, skunk flavor with an undertone of spice. Best used for insomnia, depression, fatigue, and stress.


Haze takes users back to the simple days of the 60’s where smoking grass was a hidden secret shared between friends, over music and good vibes. Classified as a Sativa, this strain is best used during the daytime.

The aroma is sweet, spice and citrus. An overall feeling of happiness reminds users of what life is meant to be; young, carefree, and energetic. Be forewarned; this strain can cause a significant case of the munchies, that can ruin even the most dedicated diet.


After taking a look at the parent strains, it is clear that Tropical Haze is a Sativa dominant strain. This means users should consume it during the day, or in the afternoon. A mind high will result, followed up with a body high.

The scent and effects from this strain make it perfect for almost any time of day, and it is excellent to pair with extroverted, and introverted activities.

Clear Head High

Don’t worry, and beach happy with this Tropical Haze strain. The mental high is clear overall, meaning users can consume it before important events, work, and any other time. In addition to the clear head high, an energized feeling ensues, that can clear way any morning fogginess. This makes it a genuine wake and bake strain. In a high dose, this energy might give people a bit of an anxious feeling, but its nothing a walk around the room can’t help fix.


A smaller dose is more appropriate for those who deal with anxiety on a daily basis, and is actually calming, when taken in the form of an edible or oil. This calming feeling is felt both physically, and mentally.
Stand tall, wear a crown, and be like a pineapple that radiates positivity, presenting you as the true royalty that you are.

Mild Body Buzz

A mild body buzz radiates throughout the entire body, and adds a little pep to your step. The body buzz is typically shorter than the mental high, which makes it ideal for those who need to operate machinery.


Euphoria is one of the most overused words when describing cannabis effects, but it couldn’t be more true. Tropical Haze offers a euphoric feeling, that can be broken down into happiness of the now, and happiness for the future. When pure joy is felt, it can leave users feeling confident, motivated, and content, even after the high has thoroughly worn off.

Uplifted Spirits

When a person has their spirits lifted, it can provide positive energy, that radiates onto any person they contact throughout the day. Tropical Haze marijuana is the gift that keeps on giving, because when you have uplifted spirits, those around you will have uplifted spirits as well. While there is the saying, misery loves company, there is also another saying, happiness is contagious.

Recreational Use

Some people get confused when the terms recreational use, and therapeutic marijuana, get thrown around. Recreational marijuana use is used to describe a time that a person uses marijuana for the pure joy, or fun of it; versus those who use it therapeutically for treating a medical ailment, illness, or disease. Basically, recreational use is any time a person uses cannabis for the fun of it.

Good times, tan lines and Tropical Haze are all one needs for one fabulous day.


Tropical Haze pairs excellent with work and all the tasks surrounding it. The clear head high gives you the extra energy you need to get stuff done while not giving you a foggy sheet to have to peek through. Work meetings, projects, and deadlines can be handled in a new light. You’re sure to get that raise in no time, and you will soon be on your way to a tropical holiday.


Speaking of a holiday or as people in the states call it a vacation, this strain pairs excellent with it. While vacations are a time to recharge the batteries, people often overbook their time off on vacation with new and fun excursions. A bit of the Tropical Haze strain is perfect for giving you the energy needed to get you up after a day of drinking. Have no fear; you can make it to your scuba diving excursion your partner thought would be a great idea to book at 6 AM when you wake up with some Tropical Haze. Don’t worry, beach happy and enjoy your vacation one puff to the next.

Social Events

Social events are always more fun when you pair with some type of stimulant. Stimulants react with your nervous system and enhance the way in which you experience and respond to things.

Social events can sometimes be a bore, depending on what it is and who is there. Using a stimulant in a way, puts rose color glasses on you, making the event run more smoothly for you.

Other Recreational Activities Include:

  • Workouts
  • Dates
  • Shopping
  • Movies
  • Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Beer Tasting
  • Animal Park

Medical Uses

Medically speaking, this strain is excellent for helping people combat ailments all day long. A cerebral, and clear-headed high, is great for those who need to go to an office for work, because driving there can be done so safely.  A persons’ productivity at work is enhanced, because they can focus on work, and not on the ailment at hand.

Like the Tropics, it’s hot, and this strain will help get rid of those pesky ailments and illnesses, throughout the day.


ADD and ADHD are two things that affect people in varying degrees, unlike simple daydreaming, or full-on procrastination. Tropical Haze can put a persons mind back into reality, orienting thoughts on a clear, precise path.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are nothing to mess with, and can take over a persons entire day. Sativa strains, like Tropical Haze, work better at treating them than almost anything that doctors prescribe, with far less adverse side effects. Cannabis directly changes the way the minds transmitter perceives signals in the brain, and it works in a way that tricks your head into thinking it shouldn’t be having any aches.

Stomach Ailments

Anyone dealing with stomach, or gastronomical issues, can take a bit of this before meals, to help them find their appetite. Sharp stomach pains will be replaced with hunger pains, which are much easier to deal with. This strain is essential for anyone who deals with cancer, and specifically, chemo.

Body Pain

Many body aches and pains are treated with the Tropical Haze strain. Athletes with genetic disorders, or sports-related injuries, love using this strain before they hit the gym. Tropical Haze can work in a partnership with any pre, and post-workout supplement. It works before to sooth pain, so you can get through the workout, and works after to help your body recover.


Overall, the aroma to this is going to more than live up to its name. Sweet, citrus, berry, and floral will all be first scents noticed with this strain. Scents of spice and skunk will be introduced mildly, when users break down the bud.

The smoke is smooth, and consumers don’t need to prepare themselves for any type of coughing fit, or lung burn. Tropical flavors are tasted on the inhale and exhale, with a slight woody-spice flavor left on the tongue.

This strain isn’t as potent, and can be used worry-free. You can use this in your home, car, or any other type of small space, and no one will know. Great for those who consume around others that frown on cannabis.


It should be noted that those looking to vape this product can do so safely in Tropical Haze marijuana approved cartridges. Since vape is becoming so popular these days, marijuana cartridges are becoming more and more available. A great product on the market is Tropical Haze vape juice being offered with CBD, which is ideal for those who want to watch the amount of THC they are putting into their bodies.

Those who don’t typically like to smoke, might want to give this strain a puff or two. Fruity aromas, and instant effects, can be a great one-two punch to start off your day.


This strain is best cultivated by moderately-experienced marijuana growers. Any grower, who wishes to grow this strain for their business, should look into developing this strain. Since it is increasing in popularity, the profit from this strain can be beneficial and rewarding.

The seeds of this strain are abundantly available online, and it doesn’t take much searching to find them. Tropical Haze seeds do best when bought with other products from the same seller. Example: if the seller is offering seeds with a soil nutrient bag, it is best to take both. Yes, you could use another nutrient-rich soil you already have at home, but the seeds were made by the botanist, with the sole intent to be grown in the nutrient soil they developed.

Once you have your Tropical Haze seeds purchased, you can plant them inside, or outside. Growers should be on the lookout for pests, mold or mildew.

If grown indoors, the atmosphere should be regulated during the growing cycle, and things like moisture and sunlight requirements need to be checked daily.


Appearance to this strain is pretty standard with different green hues throughout, and orange trichomes. The trichomes on this strain are sticky, and have a bit of a dewy appearance, which can be reminiscent to the white top of a wave rolling to shore.

Negative Effects

Keep calm, and carry on with the use of this strain. A small dose has minimal to no negative effects. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are the two most typical adverse effects, that can be cured in seconds, and in most cases can be remedied, before they even hit. If you know you are going to smoke or vape, have some eye drops ready, and squirt them into your eyes right after your exhale.

In a more massive dose, some might feel a rush of energy that proves to be a bit much for them, and in this case, a quick walk around the room will do wonders.

Similar Strains

Tropical Haze is a popular up and coming strain, but it might prove a bit difficult to find. In this case, you will want to pick up a similar strain.

Similar Strains to Tropical Haze Include:

  • Tropical Tang
  • Hardcore OG
  • Tahoe Hydro Champagne
  • Timewreck
  • Hell’s Angel OG
  • Alien Fire
  • Lemon Kush
  • Purple Voodoo
  • Sour Grape
  • Neville’s Haze
  • Carl Sagen
  • White Castle
  • Pink Sunset
  • Strawberry Diesel

Some of these strains will have a similar aromas, others might have a similar growth pattern.

Marijuana is like food, and you will find some strains you like and some you don’t like. It can be dependent on the place you purchase it from. If you research a strain you think you might like, but then try it and decided you hate it, it might not be the strain, but the batch you tried. Always give a strain a few tries from a few different places, before you completely write it off, or you might be missing out on your favorite marijuana strain.

You might also want to switch up the consumption method, because it can play a big role in how you will feel the effects. For instance: smoking or vaping will be perceived faster, but edibles and oils will last longer, so the consumption method is critical, always and forever.


People have nothing but the most respect for this strain and all that comes with it. A few reviews have stated:

  • The best tropical flavor I’ve ever come across, and I was surprised at the subtle spice at the end that puts a beautiful finish on the overall flavor profile.
  • Cured my body pain all day long, which changed the entire way I was able to go about my daily routines.
  • I use this strain before I have to be around people that frown on weed use. I can’t change their mind, but I can change the strain, and this one is a real crowd favorite. I’ve even had those weed haters tell me how good I smelled, if only they knew…
  • I am shocked at how easy it was to find seeds of this strain online. I am not one who typically likes clone growing, and the seeds form this strain produced everything a grower could hope for from a marijuana plant.

Final Thoughts

Tropical Haze isn’t just for the day off at the beach. Use a small dose of this in the morning to get you up and get you ready to grab the day by the horns. If you love a marijuana strain with a discrete scent, then you will be sure to love this strain.

A mind and body high is going to leave consumers feeling great, without putting anyone into a trippy-trip making them think they may, in fact, be a mermaid.

This strain covers all of the bases, leaving all who use it with a sense of calmness about what life is giving them, ample energy, and feelings of happiness.

This marijuana strain is for shore going to be one of your favorites, after just one use.


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