The Very best Pot Items to Get You Flyin’ Higher


Prior to you drop your really hard-earned money at the regional pot shop, browse by way of some of the MJ staff’s preferred new items. You are going to thank us later!

Lead illustration by Brian Blomerth

Welcome to MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month, a column exactly where we’ll be highlighting the staff’s preferred cutting-edge items, innovations, and updates in the globe of weed. We smoke a lot of pot right here — and we’re normally itching to attempt the most current and greatest stuff that fits below the 420 umbrella. 

This month, we’re spotlighting a transportable dab rig that does not demand a torch, weed edibles that taste nothing at all like weed, vape pens inspired by rhubarb, and a DIY tool for generating weed-infused cooking oils. There’s also a lavish and smartly-styled ganja grinder, and CBD tinctures galore. 

So, prior to you drop your really hard-earned money at your regional pot shop, browse by way of some of our most current faves to get some concepts on what’s poppin’ and droppin’ this month. 

Kandypens: Oura

Who does not want to appear like they’re summoning a genie from a bottle? Now you can, and you can get higher although performing it with Kandypen’s Oura concentrates rig. It is basically a fashionable dab rig that you can take anyplace. It is compact, sturdy, and shapely. Here’s why that is a plus: Firing up a regular dab rig in public can generally appear like you are about to smoke crack. And there’s nothing at all cute about smoking crack. 

But the Oura provides a extra sophisticated way to get lit — and you do not even require a torch! It heats up in 5 seconds with a tap of a button and has several settings to make certain you get the most concentrated hit your heart desires. Your genie-like cloud of smoke will make other people want they had an Oura, as well. 

~ Indigo Kelly


Camino: Wild Berry Edibles

If I could float in a pool of Kiva’s Camino Wild Berry edibles, I would. And I would never ever get out. Labeled as “Chill,” these square-shaped gummies are equipped with 5mg of THC, and will make you really feel like your jaunting on clouds. Plus, they do not taste like weed, which some edibles customers favor.

The higher is inventive, friendly, goofy, and open. It is the greatest small “snack” to pop prior to going to brunch, lunch, or dinner (or any time, genuinely). And they perform specifically nicely if shared with pals who also want to enter a realm of fluffy excellent #feels. If you ever join us for a beach sesh, we’ll undoubtedly be stoned off these sweet treats.

~ Indigo Kelly 


Leune: Sol Berry Vape Pen

Most people would not assume rhubarb when they hear cannabis, but the frequent grocery retailer plant is quickly generating its tasty way into the cannabis landscape. Leune’s Sol Berry pen introduces rhubarb to the vaping globe by combining it with strawberry for delectably fruity but discreet tokes on-the-go. And given that the whole pen unit comes with a pre-filled cartridge and a battery, all you gotta do is location your lips on it and breathe in. 

~ Dominic Swain 


The Mighty Rapid Herbal Infuser

Infused edibles and oils present all of cannabis‘s medicinal added benefits devoid of the smoke. The Mighty Rapid Herbal Infuser can make each infused cooking oils and complete-extract cannabis oil with just 1 device. Basically add the weed, the oil, or the alcohol, and press begin. Inside an hour or two, you are going to have a potent infusion for cooking, baking, or dressings devoid of any of the guesswork — or the mess. 

~ Dominic Swain 


Bloom Farms: CBD Tincture

I reside in New Yawk Fuckin’ City, and regrettably we’re nonetheless chilling below the shadow of prohibition right here. Though Governor Cuomo pretends like he desires to legalize weed, the reality is that a robust and equitable adult-use cannabis bill is nonetheless a lengthy methods away. As a outcome, all the weed we smoke comes straight from the black industry (shout-out to my delivery dealer! I nonetheless owe you $25 and haven’t forgotten about it!) 

That stated, New Yorkers can buy CBD legally, and the sheer quantity of possibilities are overwhelming. Practically every single bodega now sells hemp-infused beverages and suspicious-hunting CBD gummies that I wouldn’t feed my worst enemy. It is only a matter of time till they begin promoting CBD-infused BECs (that is a bacon egg and cheese, of course). There are so lots of offerings, it is really hard to know which CBD items you can trust.

So that is why we’re recommending Bloom Farms’ Complete-Spectrum CBD Tinctures. The California-primarily based enterprise has been in the game for a although, and they know what they’re performing. What ever is listed on their solution labels is specifically what’s in them — no cutting agents or potentially-dangerous additives. Their formulas are “exceedingly uncomplicated,” to quote the enterprise: 100% USDA Certified Organic MCT Oil and CBD extracts derived from USDA Certified Organic Hemp. Plus, anything is lab-tested, so high-quality assurance is assured. 

If you are gonna make a bet on a strong CBD solution that will not make you sick, attempt their 600mg Relieve Tincture. It will final you a although, and you will be repping a brand that dedicates itself to combating meals insecurity, as well.

~ Loyal Roy Reefer


The Stona Grinder

At this point in my life, I have a fairly sizeable grinder collection — and just about all of them suck. Either the weed gets stuck, the teeth break, or there’s an evil spirit trapped inside that emerges and taunts me anytime I use grass that it deems low-high-quality. “You’re gonna cough and appear like a narc right after hitting this, sonny boy!” the grinder ghoul usually says prior to I drop the kief catcher and make a g’damn mess. Fuck that weed demon.

So when I got a message on LinkedIn (of all areas!) about a begin-up known as Stona, I decided to ditch my gear and attempt their revolutionary new grinder. This tool appears like anything a fancy Scandinavian coffee shop may use, and guests at my apartment ordinarily error it as such. 

But this neat grinder has no teeth (so flower will not get stuck) and it does not even “grind” weed, per se. Rather, Stona slices your nug working with ultra sharp blades that function extra like a cheese grater. As a outcome, the trichomes will not get torn apart, which means your weed will taste improved and pack a extra potent punch. 

Though Stona is nonetheless a perform in progress (their new prototype comes out in October), I’m currently a stan for this German-produced tech. By working with the attractive-hunting device, my joints are burning improved and I’m losing my keys extra routinely. In other words, Stona assists me get higher as shit — devoid of the threat of that aforementioned grinder ghoul finding in the way of my sesh. 

~ Loyal Roy Reefer

Keep tuned for our subsequent items column in a handful of weeks! If you have any recommendations for pot swag we need to attempt out, e mail us at [email protected]. Keep smoking, y’all! 


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