Moon Rocks Clear Cart From Verified Weedmaps Seller Fails Lab Test For three Pesticides –


We not too long ago bought the Silverback Clear cartridge from Moon Rocks Clear carts. It was purchased from a weed delivery service that did not have the blue verified badge which suggests they have been not a verified seller on Considering that we had a horrible knowledge acquiring the SIlver Back Cart from a nonverfied Seller on Weedmaps, we decided to purchase it once more this time from a verified Moon Rocks Clear Carts seller on weedmaps with the tiny blue badge.&#13


We decided to attain out to Harren’s Labs, a state-accredited lab in the Bay Location that does cannabis lab testing for THC potency and pesticides.

silver back cart lab test

Silver Back Clear Cart Lab Test Outcomes

The benefits are officially now in from a state-accredited lab situated in Hayward, California. The Moon Rocks Clear Cart we tested labeled as SilverBack Clear and bought from a verified seller on weedmaps failed for three pesticides. It gets definitely negative, the pesticide myclobutanil was located with more than 22 the legal limit ppm. The well being side effects from inhaling myclobutanil are harmful and can lead to liver harm according to a study by the Planet Wellness Organization.

moon rocks clear cart lab test results

The Pesticide Tebuconazole was also located 3 occasions more than the legal limit. This pesticide is deemed slightly hazardous from the Planet Wellness Organization. The final pesticide located 1.six occasions more than the legal limit was Clofentezine. This pesticide is also is no excellent for the liver and can enlarge it. In a study accomplished, Clofentezine triggered tumors in rats. Please aid spread the news about these pesticide cartridges that can lead to severe well being challenges. This is why they never ever offered us with lab test benefits upon our request for them, and we got blocked by Dr.Zodiak on Instagram. We do not advise the Moon Rocks Clear brand or any other brands with no proof they are clean from a trustworthy lab.

Silver Back Clear Carts Lab Test


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