Health-related marijuana ‘POS’ software program crashes, stopping sales to sick sufferers in Pennsylvania


Health-related marijuana sufferers across the state couldn’t obtain medicines yesterday due to an update in a tracking software program program that is supposed to track sales, not avoid them.

The Pennsylvania Division of Well being demands all marijuana transactions to be processed via a software program program referred to as MJ Freeway. The seed-to-sale tracking software program has been prone to chronic glitches given that the state signed an exclusive $11 million contract with the Colorado-primarily based firm.

Dispensaries from Philadelphia to Erie reported that they could not conduct sales for hours of Tuesday. Numerous sent out text alerts and emails to their clientele, posted warnings to Facebook and Twitter, and apologized on Instagram to their patrons for shutting down early.

Growers also could not ship marijuana solutions to dispensaries mainly because they could not fill out manifests on their computer systems. Shipments that did make it to dispensaries yesterday could not be sold mainly because they could not be logged in the MJ Freeway program by the retailers.

MJ Freeway spokeswoman Jeannette Horton stated the software program, officially referred to as Leaf Information Systems, was down sporadically for a total of hour-and-a-half.

“It may well have felt longer mainly because it was intermittent,” Horton stated. “We’re pretty apologetic for the troubles they seasoned. Currently we’re hearing it is all been resolved.” [Read More @ The Philadelphia Inquirer]


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