Find out about current adjustments to municipalities that are updating their cannabis regulations.

In this edition we have new dispensary permits permitted, residential buffer zone adjustments, rezoning of parcels, adjustments to 24 hr appointments, and zoning map adjustments! There are a lot of adjustments to hold track of so make confident you join our newsletter to get our new updates correct away.


All Municipality / City Regulation Updates


September 18, 2019 – Municipality / City Cannabis Regulation Updates

Oxnard, CA Update

  • The ordinance would let dispensaries in the Downtown Core, Downtown Basic and Downtown Edge zoning districts via approval of a Specific Use Permit.
  • The Commission would like to advise prohibiting flavored vaporized solutions and youngster friendly edible solutions- on the other hand it is up to the City Lawyer to draft this language so that it does not overstep the State’s regulations on these challenges.
  • A 600 foot buffer zone is imposed for residential zoned places (except for mixed utilizes-this exemption considers the downtown places in amendment 1).


Santa Rosa, CA Update

  • Employees will also advise to the Arranging Commission and City Council to rezone 33 added parcels along the east side of Petaluma Hill Road and Santa Rosa Avenue corridor involving Colgan Avenue and Bennett Valley Road.
  • Authorized expansion of creating from 491 sq ft → 3297 sq ft
  • Permitted for Retail dispensary in Plaza Purchasing center

View Santa Rosa True Estate and Regulations


Thousand Oaks, CA Update

  • An additional motion was created to direct employees to make adjustments that would let deliveries inside the city, get rid of the 24-hour appointment and amend the hours of operation for storefronts and delivery from eight AM to 9 PM. This motion was also carried. Employees will bring stated adjustments just before Council throughout a future meeting. Make a telephone get in touch with to city for dates.

View Thousand Oaks True Estate and Regulations


Sacramento, CA Update

  • Permit volatile manufacturing in the City
  • Enhance the annual gross receipts limit from $100,000 to $500,000 for modest makers beneath section 17.228.900
  • Approving the notion of a 45-day short-term moratorium on all sorts of hemp cultivation in the city
  • Forwarding the matter and any suitable ordinance to enact the moratorium straight to the City Council for consideration.

View Sacramento True Estate and Regulations


Colton, CA Update

  • Permit the following utilizes on web pages inside Marijuana Candidate Sites” (MCS) Overlay zone: indoor cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution, a microbusiness of medicinal and adult-use marijuana and marijuana solutions, and the ancillary transportation and delivery of marijuana or marijuana solutions.
  • Amend the Zoning Code to eliminate all present regulations and requirements pertaining to marijuana cultivation and associated company permitting (except for the permitted utilizes tables) and incorporate these into the Organization License chapter (new chapter five.54)
  • Amend the Zoning map to expand the “Marijuana Candidate Sites” (MCS) Overlay zone to contain the region about Crucial St./Pellissier Rd. and Placentia Ln along the south city limits of Colton- in addition to current places.



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