Weedmaps Announces Strategy To Promote Licensed Cannabis Retailers Only


One particular of the greatest names in the cannabis market just announced they would be asking all advertisers for their state license quantity for retail listings.

Basically, that suggests all unlicensed cannabis solutions are to be nixed from the Weedmaps web site in the coming months. Weedmaps announced the new move final week, and that left numerous licensed retailers excited. These retailers have been battling with the black marketplace for years and have felt that battle in their bottom line.

Meanwhile, according to Weedmaps, they will be “restricting the use of its point of sale, on the web orders, delivery logistics, and wholesale exchange computer software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms to licensed operators exclusively.” In addition, the cannabis marketing giant mentioned, “In addition, Weedmaps will discover methods to make it less difficult for individuals and adult-use shoppers to determine the license quantity on advertised listings,” according to a mjbizdaily.com report.

Although some men and women really feel that Weedmaps is merely capitulating to state regulators, other folks claim it is simply because they in fact want to market the legal cannabis market in California and not black marketplace dealers and delivery operations. The CEO of Weedmaps, Chris Beals, told reporters that the new move is straightforward his firm’s “commitment to operating with lawmakers and regulators to foster a flourishing legal market” and practically nothing extra than that.

With that mentioned, Weedmaps are nonetheless marketing hundreds of illegal cannabis storefronts, as properly as extra than a thousand cannabis delivery solutions. Jerred Kiloh, president of the Los Angeles-primarily based United Cannabis Company Association, is pleased about the new move. “It’s great to hear. That is all we’ve ever wanted,” he mentioned.

He has also voiced his issues about the web page marketing illegal cannabis vendors and welcomed the announcement. At the similar time, cannabis market consultant Jackie McGowan also welcomed the new move. “Over the previous two years, Weedmaps has continued to undermine the licensed market by marketing illicit operators just as the newly legal marketplace has attempted to expand,” she mentioned.

She also referenced current media reports about just how substantially harm the black marketplace for cannabis was performing to legal outlets. “According to a report that came out just final week, the illicit marketplace remains pretty much 3 instances the size of the legal marketplace,” she mentioned. “Legal corporations deserve an even playing field, and that is not feasible when a technologies platform plays each sides.” Nevertheless, some want to see Weedmaps come great on their guarantee and hope it is not just “hot air.”

As Nicole Elliott, senior adviser on cannabis in California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Office of Company and Financial Improvement mentioned, “From Day One particular we’ve created it clear we want to help the legal marketplace. This consists of guaranteeing everybody is abiding by the law. Advertisers are no exception,” she added. “While this is a signal that Weedmaps appears to be taking our priority of compliance to heart, like something, the devil is in the facts.”

The transition from prohibition to legalization is a difficult and delicate a single. Not least simply because cannabis is nonetheless a controlled and hugely illegal substance according to the federal government even if it is legal at the state level.

As North America familiarizes itself with the new era of cannabis legalization, a studying curve was generally anticipated, specifically in the early stages of the transition. Weedmaps carries really serious clout inside the cannabis market and now requires to take a accountable stand even if it fees them income in the brief term.


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