Minnesota Governor Directs State Agencies to Prepare for Cannabis Legalization


The governor of Minnesota has ordered state agencies to prepared themselves for the advent of cannabis legalization — but numerous lawmakers assume such a marijuana bill is unlikely to pass this year.

“My agencies have been tasked to place all of the constructing blocks in location, from Income to the Division of Public Security to the Division of Wellness,” mentioned Governor Tim Walz. “We will have every thing prepared to go, and we will be in a position to implement it in Minnesota the minute the Legislature moves this.”

But he faces a Republican-controlled state senate that appears dead-set on maintaining recreational marijuana good and illegal. “It’s my position that it is not very good for Minnesota. It is dead as far as I’m concerned in the Senate for subsequent year,” Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka told Minnesota Public Radio. He cited issues more than unsafe driving, young children receiving their hands on the drug, and addiction difficulties.

Two legalization bills had been presented at the starting of the year by Senators Melisa Franzen and Scott Jensen and Representative Mike Freiberg. The related plans would legalize use for adults 21 years old and up, and set up a licensing to taxing technique, as properly as 1 for regulating

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