Marijuana ‘Unity Bill’ to take impact Thursday in Oklahoma


The healthcare marijuana “Unity Bill” that sets up a fundamental legal framework for the implementation of State Query 788 will take impact Thursday.

Practically 3 dozen other new laws will also take impact this week.

Here’s a appear at some of the new laws.

‘Unity Bill’

Also identified as the Oklahoma Health-related Marijuana and Patient Protection Act, Property Bill 2612 sets up a framework for regulating Oklahoma’s healthcare marijuana business.

The lengthy bill that was a compromise involving legislators and these in the healthcare marijuana business sets recommendations for marijuana testing, tax collections, seed-to-sale solution tracking, packaging, employment and a lot more.

The new law will:

• Set specifications for testing solutions for contaminants and THC content material.

• Ban employers from penalizing job applicants who are healthcare cardholders that test constructive for marijuana. The law involves exceptions for these applying for “safety-sensitive” jobs or these staff who are discovered to be below the influence of marijuana whilst at function.

• Set a decreased application charge of $20 for disabled veterans.

• Demand solutions to be packaged in kid-resistant containers.

• Avert counties from generating laws restricting access to healthcare marijuana.

• Modify Oklahoma residency specifications as it pertains to applicants.

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