Ideal Denver Neighborhoods to Take a look at Just after a Weed Sesh


Dear Stoner: What is the greatest Mile Higher neighborhood to see although baked? I am going to and would like a enjoyable combo of meals, enjoyable and chill vibes.

Dear Breckin: Whether or not it is also a lot of an edible or also huge of a dab, vacationers routinely locate themselves so stoned that a grocery bag drifting across an empty park would overwhelm them. If pot tends to make you paranoid, be cautious throughout your trip. If you do not get the weirds, Denver’s got a lot to see and do.

Hit an art gallery or museum if paranoia does not infiltrate your higher.

Jacquleine Collins

The two most well-known regions of town for the young and hip are the Highland and RiNo neighborhoods. Each are north of downtown, which is also cluttered to get pleasure from although baked. Go to Highland for munchies and tasty eats, purchasing and wholesome enjoyable — as properly as a handful of judgmental glares from the yuppies wealthy sufficient to personal homes there. You will not locate that type of judgment in RiNo, although you may well nevertheless really feel some angst amongst all the wonderful individuals who hang out there now. But if you like booze, coffee or street art, RiNo’s your jam. And if you are out of eyedrops and appear like a red-eyed zombie, you will match correct in on East Colfax.

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