Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid: What is the Distinction?


Attempting to decide on between an indica, sativa, or hybrid whenever you go to the marijuana dispensary? We may also help!

Hashish strains are usually damaged up into one in every of three distinct teams: indica, sativa, hybrid. Though all these strains are thought of marijuana, these classifications assist customers decide the varieties of results, smells, and even flavors they need to count on from a pressure. 

First we’ll take a look at a few of the variations between indica vs sativa, earlier than going into element about hybrid cannabis strains.

Origin of Hashish Strains

When talking of the unique areas for indica and sativa strains, we should focus on landraces. These unique landraces (a area’s native, naturally-occurring cannabis pressure) are regionally tailored strains optimized by pure evolution to develop of their particular microclimates.

Indica strains are usually agreed to have originated close to Central Asia and unfold to areas in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco, and Turkey. Indica landraces like Afghani Kush, Hindu Kush, Mazar I Sharif usually thrived between 30° and 50° latitudes by adapting to those native rising circumstances.

Rising in hotter climate, sativa landraces, like Durban Poison, Panama Pink, and Acapulco Gold, originated within the nations positioned on or close to the equator, equivalent to Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. Immediately, sativa strains nonetheless develop wild all through many humid and tropical areas of the world.

These naturally-growing cannabis landraces fashioned the genetic spine for contemporary marijuana strains. By crossbreeding these landraces, in addition to the strains that have been produced by this breeding, the immense number of cannabis strains we’ve got now was made potential.

Morphology and Progress

Visually, it’s usually potential to determine an indica vs sativa plant by specializing in sure traits.

Indica strains are likely to develop quick and and bushy – normally beneath 6 toes tall. Sativa strains, then again, can attain heights as much as 20 toes when grown open air and their branches are unfold out and develop upwards. Sativa leaves are lengthy and slender, whereas the leaves of an indica plant are thicker and broader.

As a result of they develop smaller, indica strains are properly fitted to cultivating indoors. Indica vegetation usually produce much less of a yield than sativa vegetation. Nevertheless, this decrease yield is offset by an indica’s shorter rising cycle.

Sativa vegetation have for much longer vegetation durations than indica strains, taking wherever from 10 to 16 weeks to completely mature throughout the flowering interval. This longer vegetation interval usually ends in a a lot increased yield come harvest.

hybrid vs indica vs sativa

Chemical Composition

On a chemical degree, indica and sativa strains are totally different within the make-up of their cannabinoid content material, in addition to within the stability of different compounds, equivalent to terpenes.

There are over 100 cannabinoids which were recognized within the cannabis plant, together with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), the first cannabinoids present in marijuana.

Pure sativa strains normally produce a excessive THC content material and low CBD content material. Landrace indica strains, then again, have a tendency have a decrease THC content material, and a considerably increased CBD content material. Nevertheless, due to crossbreeding, each indica and sativa strains could be discovered with various THC:CBD cannabinoid concentrations. 

After THC, CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid present in cannabis. CBD is famous for the best way it interacts with the physique, controlling the results of THC and maybe modulating a pressure’s explicit excessive.

A minimum of 120 totally different terpenes have additionally been present in cannabis. The focus and stability of those terpenes can largely affect the flavour and scent of a selected pressure – and should even have an effect on its excessive.

Indica strains are identified for having taste profiles starting from candy musk and wealthy earth to darkish fruit, like berry and grape, whereas sativa strains are identified for citrus, pine, and even tropical profiles.

difference between indica sativa and hybrid


Though every cannabis pressure may have nuanced results on the physique and thoughts, indica and sativa classifications may also help customers decide how a pressure’s persona will present itself.

Results from indica strains exist predominantly within the physique, although the a whole lot of hybrids out there differ broadly of their actual impact profiles.

Indica strains could be

  • Calming
  • Stress-free
  • Sedating
  • Soothing

Many shoppers flip to indica-dominant strains after strenuous exercise to higher handle their restoration or different persistent points. Indica strains are additionally ideally suited for nights spent at house watching a film or binge watching TV as a approach to disconnect. This unimaginable leisure is sweet for unwinding from an extended day or a busy week. A number of the heavier-feeling indica strains are excellent for proper earlier than mattress, serving to you to clear your thoughts and bodily soften into sleep.

Sativa strains, then again, are likely to manifest their results within the thoughts, for a extra cerebral excessive.

Sativa strains could be

  • Uplifting
  • Energetic
  • Motivating
  • Artistic

The euphoric response produced by sativa strains can encourage deep dialog and improve creativity, which is why it’s usually most fitted to daytime use or social conditions. Due to its uplifting properties, sativa-dominant marijuana strains are sometimes utilized by these combating temper points.

A Observe About Hybrids…

Technically talking, all marijuana strains – aside from native landraces – are hybrids, combining the results of father or mother pressure genetics right into a single pressure. These hybrids generally is a mix of indica and sativa strains and even different hybrids, creating a various number of strains, every with a mixture of traits. 

For instance, the favored pressure Woman Scout Cookies reportedly pulls its genetics from the pure sativa Durban Poison and a hybrid pressure known as OG Kush, which is in flip a probable crossbreeding of Chemdawg and a Hindu Kush landrace. Simply as Woman Scout Cookies is a product of breeding, the pressure itself has been used as a father or mother to create dozens of recent strains now on dispensary cabinets. The identical sort of blended indica and sativa genetics could be discovered within the fashionable pressure Blue Dream. 

difference between indica and sativa

Tracing the genetics of those hybrid strains can change into complicated, as fashionable pressure sources now checklist practically two thousand totally different pressure names, every with its personal distinctive genetic household tree. The extra eliminated these hybrids are from the unique landraces, the extra strains are concerned in creating its genetics. 

Strains will tackle the traits of its father or mother strains, together with their scent and taste profiles. This skill to breed strains collectively creates an nearly infinite mixture of terpene and cannabinoid compositions. This breeding additionally permits cultivators to create a myriad of results. These results will manifest as both indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or balanced hybrids, relying on the father or mother strains utilized in breeding.

When searching for a hybrid pressure at your native dispensary, your budtender ought to be capable to inform you if it leans sativa or indica-dominant or if it’s a 50/50 hybrid with balanced affect from each sativa and indica genetics. Realizing a pressure’s father or mother genetics and the ratio of its indica or sativa-dominance may also help new and skilled customers alike to seek out the pressure that most closely fits their particular person preferences.

… and Phenotypes

Once we speak about a pressure’s genetics, that’s its genotype or the DNA that determines its blueprint for development. A phenotype, nevertheless, is an organism’s observable traits  – an expression of each its genetics and environmental influences. In cannabis strains, totally different phenotypes are typically known as cuts. 

A phenotype is the precise plant that grows and any variations that will exist because of exterior fluctuations. This bodily expression of a plant’s genes is accountable for any variations that will happen inside a pressure when it’s grown. Whether or not a sure harvest of your favourite strains has an fascinating odor or reveals stronger indica or sativa results than anticipated, it could be because of that specific phenotype and the setting wherein it was grown.

Dig Deeper

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