Like a Virgin: Why individuals could not really feel excessive for the very first time


Most, if not all, individuals who have tried cannabis, and even gone onto grow to be true aficionados, would possible agree that the primary encounter with cannabis is sort of anticlimactic. The truth is, many individuals don’t get excessive till their second, third, and even fourth and fifth time consuming the herb.

This stays largely a thriller that hasn’t been explored by professional scientific research, in all probability due to its lack of groundbreaking implications. With that being stated, like all unresolved mysteries, it all the time sparks curiosity, particularly of all of the cannabis fans who’ve contemplated over it for years, questioning the place they went fallacious that “particular” first time.

Listed here are a couple of theories for the disappointing first time(s) consuming cannabis.

Underdeveloped Cannabinoid Receptors

THC is believed to truly stimulate the manufacturing of cannabinoid receptors. In case your physique has by no means obtained THC, then your cannabinoid receptors are possible underdeveloped.

Some individuals imagine there’s a obvious gap on this idea – some individuals do get excessive their first time. Nevertheless, whereas these are all speculations, what is for certain is that the obvious gap is truly on this explicit idea.

Firstly, CB1 receptors can come in several variations and mutations, which is why the consequences of cannabis could be fairly individualized altogether. [1]

One other issue to think about is one thing seemingly irrelevant – figuring out. It’s a widely-known indisputable fact that voluntary train, particularly throughout adolescence, stimulates the manufacturing and sensitivity of CB1 receptors and generates endocannabinoids, that are credited for the well-known “runner’s excessive.” [2]

So, individuals who work out principally work their brains’ CB1 receptors out as effectively, getting ready them for the actual deal, and when the time comes, their mind can rise to the problem.


As it’s possible you’ll know from expertise, nothing snaps you out of that candy daze like sudden worry and getting startled, and people experiences are all the time accompanied by heavy hits of adrenaline.

Once more, that is only a hypothesis, however it’s potential that the adrenaline, pulsing via your physique earlier than your long-awaited first time, would possibly truly dampen the consequences of cannabis. The following time(s), you’re naturally extra relaxed, presumably even skeptical, which satirically opens your mind up for cannabis to work.

Unrealistic Expectations

Lastly, it’s additionally potential that you simply based mostly your expectations on films and music that depict being excessive to unrealistic (or not) extents. When the primary time paled compared due to the aforementioned causes, perhaps you simply dismissed the expertise altogether.

Once more, these are all speculations, however underdeveloped cannabinoid receptors looks like probably the most believable, and extra importantly physiological trigger, which might additionally clarify why this phenomenon happens on such a big scale.


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