How one can Clear a Dab Rig


As dabbing turns into some of the well-liked consumption strategies of the fashionable weed market, the dab rig — a water pipe used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates — has change into a staple of the fashionable smoking gadget lineup. A dab rig serves the identical perform as a bong, filtering focus vapor by way of water at its base. Dab rigs are usually smaller than bongs, offering much less drag so the vapor travels to the lungs extra rapidly and retains efficiency.  

Equally to a bong, a dab rig filters focus vapor by way of water on the base, then up the neck of the rig and thru the mouthpiece. Within the place of a conventional bowl for smoking dry flower, the dab rig is related to a dab nail or banger, the place a dab of focus is positioned to inhale the ensuing vapor.  

When repeatedly maintained, dab rig cleansing might be simpler than bongs as a result of the absence of combustion in dabbing creates much less resin buildup. Dab rigs do, nevertheless, construct up reclaim, which might clog your rig and hinder the flavour of every dab. They may also be troublesome to wash after they have advanced filtration options. Repeated use of a nail may cause carbon and reclaim buildup, particularly if the nail isn’t cleaned repeatedly.

Beneath is a complete, step-by-step information on how you can clear and preserve a dab rig for optimum efficiency and vapor purity.

What You’ll Want

Earlier than you start the method of cleansing your bong, you’ll want to collect the next elements and supplies:

  • 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • Coarse sea salt
  • One massive sealable plastic bag or container
  • Cotton swabs

Cleansing Your Dab Rig Step by Step

Now that you’ve what you should adequately clear your dab rig, comply with the steps under:

Step 1 — Torch Your Nail

One of many easiest methods to wash a nail or banger is to warmth it with a torch lighter till reclaim or residual carbon burns fully off. If buildup is minimal, torching a nail ought to clear it sufficiently. You can too attempt cleansing the floor of your nail with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.

Step 2 — Take away the Nail and Put it in a Sealable Bag with Alcohol

If torching your nail isn’t sufficient to wash off all carbon or reclaim buildup, place the nail in a sealable container or plastic bag and let it soak in alcohol. Should you’re utilizing a sealable bag, attempt including salt and shaking the bag when needed.

Step 3 — Pour the Water Out of Your Rig

Earlier than you start cleansing your rig, pour the previous water out right into a sink or drain. Word: Should you use your rig typically, change the water out every day. Doing so will assist stop reclaim buildup and protect the flavour and cleanliness of the vapor.

Step 4 — Add Alcohol

Fill the bottom of your rig with 99% isopropyl, or rubbing, alcohol. If a deeper cleansing is required, first add coarse sea salt till it covers the underside of the bottom.

Step 5 — Shake Your Rig

Cowl the holes of your rig, both along with your fingers or standard-size plugs or caps, if needed, and shake the rig to loosen and dissolve reclaim buildup.

Step 6 — Rinse the Rig and Nail

When you’ve cleared the reclaim out of your rig and nail, rinse them totally with heat water. Calmly shake the rig as you rinse to clean away the remaining reclaim.

Gathering Reclaim

Equally to resin, reclaim might be collected and reused to make edibles, tinctures, and capsules. It may also be reused for dabbing, because it typically retains some cannabinoids from the unique focus.

Some dab rigs have “drop-down” attachments, which is able to lure reclaim and make it simpler to gather. In case your dab rig doesn’t have a drop-down attachment and you’re compelled to take away it utilizing alcohol, reusing the reclaim isn’t advisable.

Keep in mind, a dab rig wants common upkeep for optimum efficiency. Change your rig’s water out typically, and flippantly clear your nail with a cotton swab after every dab. Recurrently cleansing your rig means you’ll must deep-clean it much less steadily.

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