Why Smoking Cannabis Resin is Bad


People smoke resin occasionally, especially when they are really broke and can’t afford to buy more weed. However, they fail to understand that consuming resin is harmful to their health. Continue reading to find out why smoking cannabis resin is a terrible idea and should be avoided.

What is Cannabis Resin?

Cannabis resin (not to be confused with a type of concentrate called rosin) is simply the leftovers of your combusted marijuana. As you continue to use your water pipe, you will begin to notice some dark or brown sticky buildup on the surface of the pipe, and they are known as resin or reclaim.

Resin usually accumulates over time, depending on how often you clean your pipe. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is for your pipe to get cleaned. It can also clog the air path of your pipe or bong, which makes smoking quite stressful. Using the best convection dry herb vaporizer can decrease this.

Does it Contain THC

Resin can get you high as it contains a little amount of THC, but not as much as what you will find in the original cannabis product. This is because consumed almost all the THC when you smoked the real stuff. So what this means is that you need to consume a lot more resin compared to actual herbs in order to get high.

Is it Bad to Smoke it?

Without a doubt, smoking resin is really bad. This doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke it once in a while, but in my honest opinion, it’s better to smoke nothing than to smoke resin. Not only can it give weed hangovers but it can even make you really groggy.

First of all, resin is basically burnt tar, ash, and carbon. So why should anyone deliberately inhale such harmful substance at all? It seems understandable when you are trying to stretch the dollar, but the health issues that come with such a habit, in the long run, could be devastating.

More interestingly, you can go on a marijuana tolerance break to clear the THC from your body during such a period instead of smoking resin in desperation.

Cleaning the Resin

Like I said earlier, as you use your pipe repeatedly without washing, it becomes harder to clean because of the accumulated resin, so I recommend cleaning your tool once every week to preserve the lifespan. When done cleaning or scraping your resin, you can use the resin for edibles.

There are different ways of cleaning the resin from your pipe. You can use already made cleaning formula which you can purchase from any shop, or you can decide to use a homemade cleaning solution. I actually prefer homemade solution because some cleaning products could introduce more toxins to your pipe.

Cleaning Formula

Although all formula works the same way, you have to be mindful of the one you choose. Make sure it is the right cleaning product for the kind of pipe you have. Do not use metal pipe cleaning formula for glass or silicone pipes. It could ruin your pipe.

You just need to pour the formula into your water pipe and then clog all openings. Give it a thorough shake for about three minutes and pour out the content into your sink. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry out before use.

Alcohol and Salt

Using 90-100% isopropyl alcohol and salt has always been my favorite way of cleaning water pipes. You can try to scrape out the bulk of the resins from your pipe before you begin to make things easier.

Pour the iso into a plastic bag and place your pipe inside. Add some salt and shake the bag for about two to three minutes, then allow it to soak for an hour. Remove the pipe and rinse with clean water. You can repeat the process if the first trial does not give you a sparkling clean pipe. Let it dry out completely before use.



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