Utah To Charge Minimum Entry Fee Of $US110K Per Grower License


Becoming one of Utah’s 10 approved medical marijuana growers in the state’s new program won’t be cheap. The Salt Lake Tribune reports the state plans to charge a $10,000 application fee and an additional $100,000 annual licensing fee for those chosen, according to draft rules for Utah’s new medical marijuana program published last week.

If all 10 grower licenses are granted, revenues to the agriculture department could top $1.1 million the first year and hover around $1 million over the following years as cultivators pay the renewal fee.

The state’s agricultural department expects to spend more than $560,000 each year to oversee cannabis cultivation and plant sales. State officials predict these costs will likely rise over time as the program grows.

Source: https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Utah-proposes-medical-marijuana-grower-fees-13897646.php


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