Researchers to Study Cannabis Use Through Pregnancy


Researchers at the University of Washington are about to embark on 1 of the most controversial research in history: studying the effects of marijuana on babies all through a pregnancy.

The main concentrate of the study will be to see the effects of marijuana on an unborn infant’s brain improvement, according to Komo News. The “Moms + Marijuana” study intends to scan the infants’ brains about the six-month mark to see if there is any interference on improvement due to mom’s marijuana use throughout pregnancy. The researchers will also overview the babies’ motor improvement, cognitive improvement, general well being and social behaviors.

Dr. Natalia Kleinhans mentioned, “This study is targeting a incredibly certain population of girls who are employing marijuana to handle their symptoms whilst they’re pregnant. There’s small study to back up the healthcare and public well being tips they’re finding to keep away from pot to manage nausea.”

Dr. Kleinhans and Dr. Stephen Dager are looking for 70 girls in their 1st trimester of pregnancy. Thirty-5 of the girls selected will be in a “test and manage cohort” predicament. The manage group can not use any substances such as tobacco, alcohol or marijuana. The test cohort group will use marijuana twice weekly, mainly for morning sickness help.

Dr. Kleinhans mentioned, “The incredibly handful of investigations that have studied prenatal cannabis exposure and infant brain improvement have all involved girls who are polysubstance drug customers. No 1 has looked at marijuana use exclusively. This study will also involve periodic drug testing throughout pregnancy to confirm in genuine time that moms are not employing other drugs, rather than relying on the mother’s self-report immediately after the youngster is born.”

These participating in the cohort portion of the study have to get their marijuana from licensed marijuana organizations. Images of the merchandise buy have to be supplied to the researchers so that the amounts of THC and CBD can be tracked.

These interested in participating in the study can take a look at the study’s webpage.



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