Changing Beauty’s Rules: MGC Derma’s CBD Skincare


If you haven’t heard of MGC Derma, then listen up. Their cannabis-based skincare emblem carries cannabidiol (CBD) as its based ingredient, which is not only an essential extract, but also naturally derived from the Cannabis C plant.

Hemp has been used in natural and organic healing for hundreds of years to treat some skin ailments including – irritations, sores, wounds and scars. Within hemp molecular structure is a high concentration of vitamins A, B, D & E. Hemp is rich in anti-oxidants, which prevent & reduce cell damage.

These days CBD has found been determined to support uses of oxidation, antioxidant, anti-growing older, analgesic and anti-tension, assisting in repairing and rejuvenating the pores and skin.

Cannabinoids help in neutralising the dangerous particles that bombard our pores and skin from UV sources, including the sun, which motives getting old, most cancers and impaired restoration.

And here enters MGC Derma, the handiest skincare brand to get hold of this season providing the crucial cannabidiol aspect for your skincare needs.

The Medical Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) recognise CBD as having exclusive benefits. These products can be legally bought and sold in the UK, EU and USA. Hemp is legal, hemp oils and hemp seeds are legal and currently sold at many UK high street retail stores.

What’s the idea behind the brand and Why is cannabis the critical ingredient of the full range of skincare?

MGC Derma is a product of a lucky “ah ha” moment – As a company that was already engaged in Phytocannabinoid Pharmaceutical development, creating medications with anti-inflammatory cannabinoids, the creation of high-end cosmetics using cutting-edge phytocannabinoid science seemed like a natural extension. Therefore we present MGC Derma’s customers a product made to the highest specifications of cosmetics, with the added boost of a very significant active ingredient, empowered by a full, pharmaceutical grade supply chain.

The benefits of MGC’s skincare products are best explained with one term: homeostasis, which is the balance between your body and external elements.

Cannabidiol works with your body’s internal endocannabinoid system which means that our cosmetics collaborate with your body as opposed to merely being ON it. We have seen this quite clearly in the testing for our Derma Plus line: human volunteers saw a reduction of at least 60% in their symptoms (Psoriasis, Eczema,  Seborrhea Dermatitis and Acne) – includes reduction of itchiness and redness, which are often the base of any skin complaint. If you are already using cosmetics on your skin, using cosmetics with CBD will only encourage the other active ingredients to work better and more in sync with your bodies systems. For consumers who want the highest quality products to both defend your most important layer and enhance physical attributes, Cannabidiol is a natural choice, implemented throughout MGC’s line of products.

Can you tell us more about the brand journey? When and where it started? Is the crucial ingredient organic and lab tested?

The company was founded three years ago in Slovenia,  as a joint venture between a well-regarded manufacturer and cosmetics development and MGC. We provide raw ingredient from our self-contained supply chain and use the high-end base ingredients from our partner to ensure the highest quality end product. As our supply chain is designed and also supplied Pharmaceutical grade products and components, MGC’s customers can rest assured they are getting the best active ingredient working in sync with the best of cosmetics.

What do you think the market will answer to your products? Who is your primary target customer?

The markets that already have our products have reacted overwhelmingly well. We are hoping to be able to open a door into the world of these benefits of Phytocannabinoid products such as these to the entire population who use cosmetics, and even beyond. Ultimately, these products help your skin be in balance with its environment. Who wouldn’t want and need that, given the environmental stressors we are constantly exposing ourselves? 

What do you think the response of the female consumers will be like to the brand? And so far how is it?

As the majority of users have been female, we have to say the reaction has been great. Positive responses, satisfied return users, and most importantly, an eagerness to educate themselves on the further power of Cannabis to impact upon their wellness as a result. We believe that in the future there will be many products attempting to enter this market and we want to cultivate brand loyalty and responsiveness from our end new product lines, new skin types, etc. We believe this will develop a loyal and valuable audience and hopefully will include all sexes in the equation.

How do you think the customer response in Europe, UK and other countries so far?

As we said, it has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are very thankful that people have been responsive to our message. We recognise there is a leap of faith in starting to use products like ours, so we try to be as open and available to questions and have implemented an LMS system which enables our vendors and resellers to understand the product they are selling. It’s a very crucial element of our strategy.

What is the best chance of your products to compete with the existing brands in a very competitive market?

Education, and broader adoption of the idea of Cannabis not as a narcotic substance but as a healing one. A fundamental distinction especially gave the shifts globally in adult use products, or recreational as they are known. These two worlds have nothing to do with each other beyond the fact that they both represent the same plant, with very different needs and benefits.

Have you tested the products with the consumers and are you happy with the outcomes?

Not only have we tested on a fundamental level, we have had very high-level dermatological testing, on human volunteers with precise tracking, take place with our entire Derma Plus line, which has provided incredible results, and has made it clear to us that our products can have a significant positive benefit on users feel about their skin.


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