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Casa Luna Chocolate Review

  • Casa Luna Chocolate Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Casa Luna Chocolate Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Innovation Badge.

Casa Luna Chocolate: 60-Second Summary

Love CBD? Love chocolate? Casa Luna has delightful creations that combine the two. They handcraft their CBD chocolates with certified organic and kosher components, and the ingredients lists are strikingly short. That’s a good thing! When it comes to nutritional wellness, less is more; simplicity is king. Casa Luna describes their chocolate-making process in detail, but we do not know enough about the CBD oil they incorporate in their recipes to rate them higher with our methodology.


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Casa Luna Chocolate Brand Review

The Casa Luna website has minimal information, but this SoCal brand doesn’t skimp on explaining the cocoa process. They claim they control their chocolate making process from the farm to the bar, and it all begins with cocoa trees. It takes between three to four years for flowers to appear, and once they do, cocoa can be harvested.

The cacao beans reside in the pods of these flowers which are opened to release them. The beans are then put through fermentation followed by roasting. These two processes transform the super bitter flavor of the raw cacao bean into the essential taste chocolate lovers adore. Finally, the roasted beans are crushed to remove the inner nibs and ground into a liquid Casa Luna calls a ‘cocoa mass’. From here, the brand combines it with organic ingredients and CBD for delicious treats.

We’re happy to gain these tidbits of knowledge about chocolate making, and we applaud Casa Luna for using single-origin cocoa and no weird additives like lecithin. They sell three categories of products: CBD chocolate bars, CBD sweet cacao nibs, and sugar-free/vegan CBD bars. The CBD chocolate bars are available in dark and milk chocolate with 60 mg of CBD in each bar. The sweet cacao nibs are infused with CBD and coconut palm sugar, making them a delicious topping for smoothies or a healthy snack. Last up, Casa Luna provides a sugar-free and a vegan option, both with a glycemic index of zero and sweetened with monk fruit extract. It’s clear they know what they’re doing when it comes to chocolate, and we’re pleased with the final options for vegans and those concerned with sugar intake.

Their delicious CBD chocolates are popular in California, and the company offers wholesale and private labelling opportunities for third parties. However, we just don’t know enough to grant them more than the Innovation Badge (Casa Luna was an early player in the CBD chocolate game).

We have no idea where their CBD is sourced nor how it is extracted, so we cannot affirm quality. There’s no mention of any laboratory testing whatsoever, so the Safety Badge is out of question too. Finally, without a clear mission statement or charitable actions, Casa Luna can currently only rank with one badge.

Bottom Line – Casa Luna knows their stuff — their chocolate stuff. But we can’t substantiate whether or not they know their CBD stuff, and until we can, we cannot rate them higher. We encourage the brand to disclose more information on the CBD used in their confections.

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Badges For Casa Luna Chocolate

Casa Luna Chocolate ReviewInnovation Verified

Casa Luna was an early pioneer of handcrafted CBD chocolate.



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Casa Luna Chocolate

Casa Luna Chocolate Review


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