Let’s be Honest about the Push to Legalize Cannabis


Let’s be Honest about the Push to Legalize Cannabis

In a recent interview, our greatest troll, Mr. Kevin Sabet, made a claim about “the push for legalization” stating;

“Let’s be honest about the push to legalize — it’s not about social justice, it’s not about medicine, it’s not about granny with cancer, it is about a small number of people who want to get very rich,”

He also noted that,

“The drive to legalize is being driven by a massive industry with billionaire-backers and they need high levels of THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] to make money…”

But as we know, Sabet has always been drumming his old narrative wherever he goes. The thing about these claims is that they are fundamentally false. Sabet selectively focuses on a small number of people, while completely ignoring the desires of the masses.

Let’s dissect his arguments and once more, show how wrong Sabet got it.


Higher THC levels = More Money?

This is a counter-intuitive argument. Higher THC levels does not equate money. Sabet claims that they wanted to establish a “cap on THC” in states like Colorado, yet were always met with resistance. He concluded, “more THC means more money”, however this isn’t the reason why people don’t want a cap on THC levels.

Sure, a strain with higher THC levels might cost marginally more expensive than a low THC strain, but this isn’t the reason why people don’t want a cap on THC levels. The reason why people don’t want to place a cap on THC is not because of money, but rather because there is no real reason to place a cap on THC.

If we’re not placing a cap on alcohol, why should we do so with cannabis? Beer has respectively 5% alcohol content, Vodka can have 45% and higher. Arguably, alcohol is far more damaging than THC could ever be, yet we find no need to place a cap on the alcohol prevalence within our drinks? Also, does higher alcohol content mean more sales?

It’s a very illogical argument to say the least. More importantly, as a cannabis consumer…it takes me longer to finish a gram of high-THC weed, vs low THC weed. I have done extensive tests on this and every single time I spend “a bit more on high-grade THC” the stash lasts me longer.

In fact, I can invest into 5 grams of wax (THC count up to 90%), and it will last me for about a month before I need to replenish. Of course, for some 5 grams of wax will be consumed in a week. Most consumers however, can stretch those 5 grams for several weeks.

There is absolutely no data to back the claim “higher THC means more money”. The reason we don’t want a cap on THC is because placing a cap on THC is making a law without any actual science behind it. It’s just a bunch of prohibitionists that want to shit on the cannabis-folks parade.

Rather, have all types of THC available. Some people like low-doses, others like high-doses. For me, I prefer high dose THC that I consume less, because it means less smoke, and lower frequencies to purchase.


Legalization Push about a ‘small number of people’ trying to get rich?

Once more, Sabet ignores the decades of stoners who have stood up for the right to smoke weed. Of course, there are opportunists out there trying to make a buck, but don’t be fooled…legalization isn’t happening because of “the few rich folk” out there.

Legalization is about health, freedom and money. It’s about people having the right to alter their own states of consciousness and to have alternative options in terms of medication. With over 20,000 medical studies on the subject, it’s safe to say that it IS ABOUT MEDICINE! Of course, money is also a factor.

Medicine is always about both health and money. If Sabet doesn’t believe me, he can just take a look at the pharmaceutical industry. They make drugs for your health, with the incentive to turn a profit. So they aren’t mutually exclusive.

Yet most probably the biggest reason why legalization is taking off is because of social inequality. People getting arrested, thrown in prison (sometimes for life) because of a non-violent, non-crime…well, that doesn’t really fly when it comes to the “land of the free”.

More than 20 million people have been arrested since the dawn of the War on Drugs for marijuana alone. Over 1 Trillion dollars have been spent and countless wars in other countries have been waged because of this policy.

Even if all the worst things about cannabis were true (according to the prohibitionist rhetoric), it still wouldn’t live up to the shit-show that is prohibition. It’s costly, ineffective and there literally only a “few greedy rich people” want to keep prohibition in place. Sabet being one of the benefactors of prohibition.

So let’s be honest about why you want to keep cannabis illegal Sabet? It’s not about social justice, health or anything else. It’s because one of your revenue streams are being targeted, and you know it’s about to end real soon.








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