Cannabidiol Provides ‘New Class Of Treatment’ For Psychosis


CBD or Cannabidiol, considered as one of the leading components of medical marijuana (cannabis). It can potentially offer a ‘brand new class of treatment’ for the people with psychosis, a mental health condition. CBD is quite accessible for its therapeutic benefits to treat much illness. Some scientists of a reputed Institute in London for Neuroscience, Psychology & Psychiatry had conducted a trial. In this trial, they tested Cannabidiol in patients having psychosis.

What Are The Aspects Found In The Trial?

In the trial conducted by the scientist, it has been evident that CBD can ease the symptoms psychosis in patients. These symptoms include hearing voices and hallucinations etc. Moreover, this study has offered new perceptions about this compound. It has been proved that it can ease the condition and its symptoms without leaving any severe side effects. In this trial, the medical cannabis was given to some and placebo was given to some along with the traditional antipsychotic medications. Scientists then examined the symptoms and the functioning pre and post the trial. It has been seen that the patients who are given CBD have a much lower level of symptoms than the ones who were given the placebo. Even according to the psychiatrists, the patients who received CBD were also rates as much improved.

Does CBD Have A Positive Impact?

The study indicates that CBD is highly effective for the psychotics. The patients who are treated with the CBD has shown a miraculous reduction in the symptoms. Philip McGuire, a renowned professor, who co-led the entire trial said that the improvements noticed in the patients had been a significant one. Even the psychiatrists who treat them have told that the overall increase is dramatic. The conventional medications work by blocking the biological receptors for the chemical dopamine. So, CBD can be a new type of treatment for the patients with psychosis to target the different neurotransmitter systems.

Benefits Of CBD

Many patients feel reluctant to take the antipsychotic drugs because of the side effects that they have. But the CBD is entirely different from that of the regular medicines. It doesn’t have any significant side effects. Even in a report by World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee concluded that CBD could cause no potential harm to the users. According to the experts, they have also found that medical cannabis can have several medicinal benefits that can treat psychosis and epilepsy.


Thus the reports by WHO Expert Committee and the trial by the scientists on 88 patients indicate that CBD derived from the medical marijuana is highly beneficial. It comes with some medical benefits that can help patients with psychosis to ease their symptoms effectively. Also, it doesn’t have any long-term or harmful side effects like that of the conventional drugs available for the treatment. Thus, many doctors from all over the world are recommending the medical marijuana for efficient and beneficial treatment of the psychotic patients. It gives them relief as well as shows significant improvement after a specific period.



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