Brookline to become first municipality to supply all of its public restrooms with free menstrual products


The town of Brookline, Massachusetts, is set to become the first municipality in the U.S. to provide free menstrual tampons and pads in all public restrooms.

According to the Brookline Tab, residents voted to approve the measure in a historic first on Thursday. 

Under the new bylaw, menstrual hygiene products will reportedly be placed in both women’s restrooms and men’s restrooms to accommodate those who identify as female and those who do not.

The measure reportedly came as the result of efforts made by group of students from Brookline High School. The students first began to bring attention to the issue after publishing a column on the stigma surrounding periods in their school paper last year, WBUR reports.

The law is reportedly set to take effect next year. It reportedly cost $7,300 to cover expenses for dispensary machines and the products this year.

The report came a month after lawmaker in Georgia set aside funds in the state’s budget for the first time ever to provide low-income women and girls with free menstrual hygiene products.



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