What is a Gravity Bong?



 What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a smoking device that utilizes water and air stress to push the dense smoke cloud into your lungs. A gravity bong utilizes two containers one particular bigger filled with water and the other fits inside it that holds the bowl. Holding the prime container below water, you light the bowl even though pulling up on the container. This will make a stress distinction, pulling smoking in amongst the container and the water. You eliminate the bowl from the prime container and spot your mouth more than the opening. Push the container back into the water even though inhaling. The air stress in the gravity bong will push the smoke swiftly into your lungs.


how to use a gravity bong

 How Do I Use a Gravity Bong?

Utilizing a gravity bong can take some practice, when attempting to figure out lighting and pulling the smoke into the container. Pulling to swiftly you may not get all of the herb or tobacco lit. If you pull to gradually you may have some smoke float away. 

Gravity bongs are basic but exceptionally successful for what they’re supposed to do. Utilizing gravity bongs you are in a position to conserve what ever you are smoking even though also becoming in a position to get highly effective hits that could couch lock anybody. Be cautious not to use them also generally or your tolerance will surpass your price range. 

Why Really should I Invest in A Gravity Bong?

Generating a gravity bong is relatively basic making use of a plastic bottle, a bucket, and a bowl. Having said that, Grav Labs are identified for their beautifully design and style gravity bongs. They come in two sizes, substantial and added substantial. The image beneath is a Grav Labs Big gravity bong.  

gravity bong


Gravity bongs are a lot of exciting to do with good friends when you want to melt into a couch. As opposed to typical bongs, gravity bongs never filter the smoke generating it harsher on your lungs. When you get effective at making use of a gravity bong they will aid you save herb or tobacco. Pleased toking!


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